Even if you have worked with centrifuges like the Sigma centrifuges and microfuges your entire working life, not all centrifuges are the same, so it is vital you read the operating manual before getting started.
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the centrifuge or better still have a Sigma centrifuge engineer install the centrifuge for you. If you are installing the centrifuge yourself ensure the bench is strong enough to take the weight of the centrifuge, make sure the centrifuge is level and check all transport devices have been removed.

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It is essential to familiarise yourself with the rotor locking mechanism of your new centrifuge, it may well be different to your old centrifuge, for example a lot of microfuges such as the 1-14 Sigma microfuge have a simple thumb-wheel locking mechanism whilst larger centrifuges which generate considerably more force and energy using bigger heavier rotors, such as the 6 x 250ml fixed angle rotor used in the 4-16KS Sigma centrifuge, have larger tie down mechanisms. If a centrifuge rotor is not securely fastened using the correct method for your make of centrifuge this may lead to the rotor slipping on the motor shaft which could result in a disruptive failure of the centrifuge run resulting in costly repairs to your new centrifuge.

You must always load opposite centrifuge buckets, adapters or rotor positions with the same accessories and fill all positions, if it is not possible to fill all positions you must ensure that they are evenly balanced. Failure to balance the opposite positions within a centrifuge could also lead to a damaging failure of the centrifuge run resulting in expensive repairs to your new equipment.

Once you have completely familiarised yourself with the workings of your new centrifuge and have begun using it do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s simple instructions on routine maintenance that you can perform as this will greatly extend the life of your new centrifuge. All Sigma centrifuges come with a simple maintenance card that can be placed next to the centrifuge to help remind you to perform routine maintenance.

Need Help Choosing The Right Centrifuge?

The SciQuip website shows numerous examples of the different types of Sigma centrifuges available such as the Sigma centrifuge and Sigma Microfuge range together with the SciSpin microfuge range. Alternatively, please call a member of our Pre Sales support team on 01939 234222 or email them.