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SciQuip is a UK owned company supplying scientific & laboratory equipment to research, clinical, academic and manufacturing professionals in the UK.

SciQuip is an ISO certified company and has certification for both ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard.

SciQuip the Lab Equipment Supplier in the United Kingdom

Because we specialize exclusively in scientific equipment from a select group of cutting-edge manufacturers, all of our highly experienced sales and service specialists are experts in the products we promote. SciQuip is here to help you find the right laboratory equipment solution for your application.

SciQuip is the official approved UK sales and service specialist for all...

Sigma centrifuge, Christ freeze dryer, Lauda water bath, SciPette, GFL shakers, MMM climatic chambers, Bellco tissue culture, Nabertherm furnaces, VacuuBrand pumps, Leec, Antech Cryogenic and SciQuip products - all the laboratory equipment you could ask for.

We have factory trained product, application and service specialists throughout the UK available to help all of our customers. If you require any information on lab equipment, applications or servicing, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01939 234222 or email info@sciquip.co.uk

A Different Approach – A Personal Service

Based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, SciQuip is not your ordinary laboratory equipment supply company.  As we’ve been working with our suppliers for decades our expert staff are able to answer your queries immediately and provide our customers with a complete, personal, before and after sale service – if we don’t know about it, we don’t supply it!

We care deeply about the environment and the community where we’re based.  In addition to installing green energy sources, we’ve planted hundreds of trees and provided feed stations and nest boxes all around our site.  We support the local school which neighbours us with practical and financial assistance together with numerous other local and national charities.

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For all UK Sales and Service enquiries:

Head Office (Shrewsbury)

Email: info@sciquip.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1939 234222