This week SciQuip was very proud to have made a donation of laboratory equipment to the Genesis Research Trust.

This is a charity very close to our hearts and one that we have supported for many years.

Genesis Research Trust raises money for the largest UK-based collection of scientists and clinicians who are researching the causes and cures for conditions that affect the health of women and babies.

This Trust is uniquely based in the building where the scientists carry out their research at the Wolfson and Weston Research Institute for Family Health, on the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College London.

Lord Winston, Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College is the founding Chairman of the Genesis Research Trust.

Professor Winston developed and refined gynaecological surgical techniques to improve fertility treatments in the early 1970s. Later he pioneered many treatments to improve in vitro fertilisation, and subsequently developed pre-implantation diagnosis which allows the diagnosis of fatal genetic disorders in embryos. This work enabled many families to have a child free of fatal illnesses, including those with sex‐linked disorders, single gene defects such as cystic fibrosis and chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormality is an important cause of miscarriage so this work has had a wide impact.

By donating in excess of £6500 worth of equipment we hope to help them continue their fantastic research, for more information on Genesis and what they do please visit:

Professor Winston

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