Microscope slides play a crucial role in laboratory research and diagnostics, providing a platform for sample observation and analysis. Trajan offers a range of high-quality microscope slides that are designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratories.

In this article, we will explore three different series of Trajan microscope slides, highlighting their unique features and benefits for various applications.

Series 1: A cost effective, quality option for routine , H&E and IHC work

Trajan's Series 1 microscope slides are a good quality option that come in many formats for use in all routine lab work.  

Manufactured using high-quality German float glass, the range consists of Frosted, Adhesive and advance Adhesive.  Available with 90° or bevelled edges in a variety of colours, each slide is pre-cleaned, inspected, and packed with double cellophane in lid-type cardboard boxes, ensuring their integrity and cleanliness upon arrival. Contents of the package: 50 per pack, 1,500 slides per carton.

Series 2: A Premium Adhesive slide range recommended for routine, Cytology, H&E and IHC work

Trajan's Series 2 microscope slides are optimized for immunostaining applications, providing minimal background staining and enhanced adhesion. These slides are designed to deliver consistent and reliable results, even with automated immunostainers.

Manufactured using fine glass with excellent flatness and transmittance, they minimize intrinsic fluorescence that could interfere with sample analysis. Like other Trajan slides, Series 2 slides undergo meticulous cutting, pre-cleaning, and inspection processes to meet the highest quality standards. Available in frosted, Adhesive and Enhance Adhesive. Available with 90° or bevelled edges in a variety of colours or frosted.

Packed with double cellophane in lid-type cardboard boxes, these slides ensure secure and contamination-free storage. Contents of the package: 100 per pack

Series 3: Adhesive Microscope Slides with Fortified Adhesion for use in IHC for difficult specimens

Trajan's Series 3 microscope slides are specifically engineered with a fortified adhesion coating that enhances tissue sample adherence and extensibility. These slides offer improved slide-to-sample interaction, providing optimal conditions for immunostaining procedures.

Similar to other Trajan slides, Series 3 slides are manufactured using high-quality extra plane float glass, ensuring exceptional flatness and transmittance.

They are carefully cut, pre-cleaned, and inspected to meet the rigorous demands of laboratory workflows. Packed with double cellophane in lid-type cardboard boxes, these slides are well-protected during storage and transportation. Slides are available with ground edges and clipped corners in a variety of colours  Contents of the package: 100 per pack

Colours available White, yellow, pink, blue, green


Trajan microscope slides are trusted by laboratories worldwide for their exceptional quality and reliability. Whether you require frosted, adhesive, or adhesive slides with fortified adhesion, Trajan has a solution to meet your specific needs. These slides are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring excellent flatness, transmittance, and minimal intrinsic fluorescence.

With Trajan microscope slides, you can enhance your microscopy workflow, achieve reliable results, and facilitate efficient sample identification and analysis. Choose Trajan for your microscope slide requirements and experience the difference in quality and performance.