2D Barcoded Externally Thread Tube System

Introducing LVL'D UP Next Generation Tubes: New to SciQuip! Elevate your sample storage and management with our innovative 2D tubes designed for precision, convenience, and safety. The tubes are engineered to provide unparalleled performance in the most demanding laboratory environments. With enhanced features and a new cap design, these tubes are a game-changer in sample handling and storage.


Redesigned 2D Tubes

Experience the evolution of sample tubes with our redesigned 2D tubes. Featuring a protective rim on the bottom to guard against mechanical influences such as scratches, these tubes ensure the integrity of your valuable samples. The 2D bottom code and 1D side code (Human Readable) offer comprehensive identification and tracking, empowering efficient sample management. Additionally, an open space on the back allows for customized coding, tailoring the tubes to your unique needs.


Cutting-Edge Cap Design

Our new cap design sets the standard for sealing excellence. Enjoy secure sample storage with the exceptional sealing capabilities of these caps. Designed for both manual handling and seamless automation, these caps provide unmatched versatility and convenience.


Easy Lock Mechanism

New Easy rocking lock mechanism on the rack prevents jamming caused by frost build up during low temperature storage


Anti-Freeze Gradient

Bid farewell to ice formation concerns with our anti-freeze gradient technology. This advanced feature on the rack prevents the formation of ice, maintaining the integrity of your samples and safeguarding their quality.


Automation-Friendly Features

Experience unparalleled automation compatibility with our tubes. The bevelled domes ensure precise tube centering, facilitating automation processes. The curved well rim guides the tubes and minimizes collisions, contributing to a safer and more efficient laboratory environment.


Unrivaled Safety and Storage:

Rest assured that your samples are safe with the unique coding of our tubes. You can also opt for lateral coding (2D and Human Readable) for enhanced traceability. The standardized SBS rack ensures space-saving storage and easy integration into your laboratory workflow.


Versatile Range

Choose from our comprehensive range of tube options to match your specific requirements:


Working Volume Range: 300 µl to 2000 µl

Tube Types:

External thread, 2D coded

Available with optional side coding (2D/1D and Human Readable)

Cap Color: Blue Capped

Material: Automation-friendly Polycarbonate Rack

Storage Temperature: Up to -196°C

Special Features:

Unique coding ensures SAFE storage

Quadruple coding for safe identification and additional information

Sealed and automation-friendly Screw Cap (compatible with septum caps)

Bottom rim protects 2D code

Leak-tight cap due to patented TPE compression with permanently injected ring

Rack dimensions meet SBS/ANSI specifications


LVL'D UP Next Generation Tubes are crafted with precision and innovation, making them the ultimate choice for modern laboratories. Experience seamless sample handling, improved automation, and unmatched security. Elevate your research with LVL'D UP tubes today!


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Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
4C-X03-BL-AW-P-L 2D Tube Rack SAFE®, External thread, 300µl, Side Coded, Blue Capped, Automation Friendly Polycarbonate Rack, Production Sterile. 50x96 POA POA ENQUIRE
4C-X05-BL-AW-P-L 2D Tube Rack SAFE®, External thread, 500µl, Side Coded, Blue Capped, Automation Friendly Polycarbonate Rack, Production Sterile. 50x96 POA POA ENQUIRE
4C-X10-BL-AW-P-L 2D Tube Rack SAFE®, External thread, 1000µl, Side Coded, Blue Capped, Automation Friendly Polycarbonate Rack, Production Sterile. 50x96 POA POA ENQUIRE
4C-X20-BL-AW-P-L 2D Tube Rack SAFE®, External thread, 2000µl, Side Coded, Blue Capped, Automation Friendly Polycarbonate Rack, Production Sterile. 50x48 POA POA ENQUIRE
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