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Walker Safety Cabinets have designed and built several different types and sizes of fumigation boilers over the years. We believe that Formaldehyde is still the best and most thorough decontamination substance available when used correctly. This document details the most recent and popular systems our customers have chosen. to hopefully help you decide on the most suitable type for your process, equipment and laboratory.


Technical Specification


This boiler will hold up to 250ml of fumigation solution which is enough to fumigate most cabinet sizes. Its keys features are: 

  • Lightweight aluminium body powder coated regal silver
  • Stainless Steel bowl
  • 1m long fused electric lead
  •  Internal secondary 5amp fuse
  •  Compact design at 150mm high and ø140mm wide
  •  Delayed start
  • Auto cut off once boiled dry
  • Power LED light


This boiler will hold up to 2 litre of fumigation solution which is used to fumigate small labs and lobby areas. Its keys features are:

  • Made from mild steel and powder coated HIPCA white
  • 1m long fused electric lead
  • Internal secondary 5amp fuse
  • Stainless Steel bowl
  • Fully welded robust construction
  • Dimensions are 200x220x220mm (hxdxw)
  • Delayed start
  • Auto cut off once boiled dry
  • Power LED light


This boiler will hold up to 9 litres of fumigation solution which is
used to fumigate larger. Its keys features are:

  • 1m long fused electric lead
  • Internal secondary 5amp fuse
  • Stainless Steel bowl
  • Fully welded robust construction
  • Dimensions are 480mm high and ø230mm wide
  • Delayed start
  • Auto cut off once boiled dry
  • Power LED light
  • Temperature LED light


The boiler arrangement was designed for safety cabinets that have no
way of safely exhausting the fumigant safely. Its key features are:

  • Plug and Go- Just load the stand alone unit with carbon granules and
    formalin and plug in to a standard socket to start.
  • Internal Timer- Built in delay timer allows the formaldehyde to be inside
    the cabinet for 6 hours before beginning the extract.
  • Delayed Start - The unit has a built in delayed start to allow the operator
    to seal the cabinet prior to the start.
  • Boiler Indicator - A red LED indicator tells you when the unit is boiling
  • Carbon granules - Easy to load tray. Uses a ready-measured amount of granules specific for Formaldehyde.
  • Compact and Simple – Handles either side to lift the unit in and out of a cabinet. Product weight 12kg
  • Slim design- Fits through a 200mm opening in a cabinet. 190x290x400mm (hxdxw)
  • Recirculation– Integrated fan draws air through the carbon then blows through the rear of the unit to help the air to circulate around the cabinet.
  • Up to 250ml of fumigant.


The boiler arrangement was designed for labs that have no way of safely
exhausting the fumigant safely. It key features are:

  • Plug and Go- Just load the stand alone unit with carbon granules and formalin and plug in to a standard socket to start. RCD fitted to the power lead
  • Integrated PLC allowing the unit to be programmed to suit your procedures
  • Audible and Visual alarms detailing the fumigation stage
  • Carbon granules - Easy to load tray. Uses a ready-measured amount of granules specific for Formaldehyde removal
  • Compact The unit is mounted on castors to be moved around easily
  • Dampers open during the boiling stage to circulate the fumigant fully
    around the area
  • Recirculation damper – The integrated fan draws air through the carbon then blows through the rear of the unit to help the air to circulate around the cabinet.
  • Up to 5 litres of fumigant can be used with this unit.
  • Stainless steel bowl with a powder coated mild steel body


This boiler is designed to be fitted into the lab wall. It key features are:

  • Fully welded stainless steel construction
  • The operator an safely load this boiler from outside the lab
  • The boiler is sealed to the wall keeping the barriers integrity
  • Up to 3 litres of fumigant can be used with this boiler arrangement
  • Viewing panel to monitor the boiler from outside the risk area
  • Sample port to monitor the fumigant level inside the risk area
  • Access door within the lab to enable easy cleaning of the boiler
  • Stirring fan integrated inside the unit to help move the fumigant
    around the risk area
  • Simple to use with auto shut off once the fumigant has boiled off
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