Purite Water Purification System - ISO Grade 1

Ultrapure water deionisation unit

The Purite Fusion is a self-contained water purification unit that reliably delivers a steady supply of 18MΩ.cm purified water from a mains supply to life science laboratories. Diagnostic uses include histology, cell and tissue culture, DNA sequencing and IVF.


  • Space-saving, dependable, bench top or wall mounted systems
  • RO Removes > 98% minerals and > 99% bacteria
  • Choice of production rates up to 48 l/hr
  • Optional external storage tanks up to 100 litres
  • RO Boost pump fitted as standard
  • Installation kit and all consumables included for first year's operation
  • LCD colour touch screen panel
  • Visual and audible alarms included
  • Utilizes carbon pre-treatment, RO and deionisation
  • USB port to download event data and upload software updates
  • Integral 20 litre storage as standard (excludes Neptune Ultimate)
  • Semi-automatic clean cycle
  • Dual water quality available 1-10MΩ.cm (Type-II) and 18.2MΩ.cm (Type-I)
  • Remote Dispense Pod (Optional)
  • Energy saving intelligent stand-by mode
  • Dispense rate of up to 2 litres/min
  • 0.2μm point of use bacterial filter
  • Water quality parameters, TOC, MΩ.cm, °C and flowrate displayed


Technical Specification

Unit Specification

Purite Fusion 160



Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Max. Shipping Weight (kg)


Max. Working Weight (kg)


Installation Requirements


Single Phase, 110-230V, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Feed Water


Maximum TDS (ppm)


Minimum inlet pressure – psi (bar)

30 (2.1)

Maximum inlet pressure – psi (bar)

90 (6.2)

Feed water temperature

1 - 35°C

Product Output (based on a feed water pressure of 4 bar)

@ 10°C (l/hr)


@ 25°C (l/hr)


System Specifications

Pure water storage

20 litre storage as standard (External 50 & 100 litre tanks available)

Display panel

 LCD – Colour touch screen

Pre-treatment cartridge


Reverse osmosis


Deionisation cartridge


Internal filtration


Point of use


UV lamp

185nm / 254nm

Recirculation pump


Ultrapure polishing cartridge


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