Sartorius Tacta

Tacta is the new premium mechanical pipette with superb comfort and reliability. Tacta makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time. Tacta is designed to feel great in your hand and it is easy and comfortable to use. All materials used for Tacta have been carefully selected and each component is designed to meet the highest standards.

Sciquip now offers the Tacta mechanical pipette in volume range from 0.1 to 10,000μl in single channel models, and from 0.5 to 300μl in multichannel models

•    Optiject soft tip ejection loosens tips smoothly and in a controlled way
•    Optilock’s dual-function volume locking prevents accidental volume changes
•    Ergonomic design for comfortable pipetting
•    Low pipetting cycle forces to reduce WRULD (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder) risk
•    Optiload, the spring-loaded tip cone, guarantees perfect tip loading and sealing with minimum force
•    Safe-Cone Filters reduce the risk of contamination
•    Quick and easy cleaning of the pipette with only three removable parts
•    Four-digit volume display helps to set exact volumes
•    Fully autoclavable without disassembling
•    2-year Sartorius warranty

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Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
LH-725630 Sartorius Tacta Micropipette Carousel Stand, 6 position POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729010 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 0.1-3µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729020 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 0.5-10µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729030 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 2-20µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729050 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 10-100µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729060 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 20-200µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729070 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 100-1000µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729080 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 500-5000µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729090 Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 1-10µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729120 Tacta® 8-Channel Pipettor, 0.5-10µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729130 Tacta® 8-Channel Pipettor, 5-100µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729140 Tacta® 8-Channel Pipettor, 30-300µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729220 Tacta® 12-Channel Pipettor, 0.5-10µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729230 Tacta® 12-Channel Pipettor, 5-100µl POA POA ENQUIRE
LH-729240 Tacta® 12-Channel Pipettor, 30-300µl POA POA ENQUIRE
Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 20-200µl Tacta® Single Channel Pipettor, 20-200µl POA POA ENQUIRE
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