Quantum ST5 - 1300 Series, Darkroom CN-1300

As standard, the Quantum ST5 system is ideal for a wide range of fluorescence applications. Thanks to diff erent options you can also customize your own system or upgrade later to add versatility and imaging experiments:

  • Filtered UV EPI-illumination modules
  • Super-Bright technology for enhanced imaging
  • SkyLight technology for Ethidium Bromide imaging without UV
  • UV to white light conversion screen for white light samples such as protein gels or autoradiographs
  • UV to blue light conversion screen for dyes such as GFP II TM, SYBR Green TM or Sypro Orange TM.
  • Bio-1D Advanced image analysis software
  • Up to 7 filter positions
  • Choice of 10 emission filters

The Quantum ST5 is the laboratory standard for DNA and protein gel imaging. The system is based on an advanced set of performance ideal to achieve high fidelity and quantitativescientific measurement. Its excellent imaging properties guarantee the best performance for nucleic acid and protein samples.

The images generated allow for critical image analysis thanks to their high depth of data. Moreover, they can easily be printed out in an attractive way for the laboratory book. The Super-Bright UV illumination and fi lter technology enhances the image quality especially for DNA and RNA gels. Optional UV epi illumination sources (fi ltered 254 nm and 365 nm) allow, for instance, for TLC or GFP images. The compact darkroom with integrated fi lter wheel is made entirely of metal, stainless steel and aluminium. For comfortable work, the integrated UV or SkyLight transilluminator can be pull-out completely.

Technical Specification

Quantum ST5 – 1300 series
• ST5 camera
• Multi-position filter wheel
• Transilluminator and F590 emission filter included for standard gel applications (F999 filter for SkyLight)
• Dual EPI UV 254nm & 365nm. EPI visible light - LED

Vision-Capt software
• Apps Studio
• 3D Dynamic Scan
• Molecular weight calculation, band quantification, colony counting
• Distance calculation

• SkyLight transilluminator
• Super-Bright MX UV transilluminator
• White light or blue light conversion screen
• Choice of 10 emission filters
• Choice of manual or motorized zoom lens

• Scientific grade CCD camera
• Grade 0, zero defect
• Image resolution: 7.6 megapixels
• Native resolution: 1600(H)x1200(V)
• Sony chip and processor
• Passive cooling
• HAD technology
• USB connection
• 16-bit - 65536 grey levels
• Progressive scan – low dark current
• Continuous variable shutter speed
• High sensitivity for fluorescence detection
• Live or exposure time modes
• Binning option

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