Olympus CX43 Biological Trinocular LED Upright Microscope (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Brightfield and Phase Contrast)

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Experience unparalleled comfort and versatility with the Olympus CX43 Biological Trinocular LED Upright Microscope. Designed for long hours of routine microscopy observations, this microscope prioritizes user comfort. The ergonomic frame conforms seamlessly to the shape of your hands, ensuring a comfortable grip. The strategically positioned control knobs enhance ergonomics, maximizing work efficiency.

With the CX43 microscope, you can quickly and effortlessly set a specimen using one hand while adjusting focus and operating the stage with the other hand, minimizing unnecessary movements and streamlining your workflow. Additionally, this microscope is equipped with a camera port, allowing for easy digital imaging and documentation of your observations.

The CX43 microscope offers exceptional versatility, enabling you to handle a range of microscopy techniques. Whether you need phase contrast, darkfield, or simple epi-fluorescence imaging, this microscope can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements. It provides flexibility in exploring different microscopy techniques, expanding your capabilities in sample analysis.

Combining ergonomic design, user-friendly features, and versatile functionality, the Olympus CX43 Biological Trinocular LED Upright Microscope ensures comfort and efficiency during long periods of microscopy observations. It empowers users to perform a variety of techniques with ease, making it an ideal choice for routine microscopy applications.

• Single-Handed Sample Placement: A specimen can be quickly slid in and out using one hand. The specimen holder opens a little and firmly retains the specimen during operation. The versatile holder accommodates a variety of slide types, including a hemocytometer.
• Smooth Magnification Change: The low-positioned revolving nosepiece enables users to quickly change magnifications with minimal arm movement between focusing, greatly improving work efficiency during prolonged use.
• Use Up to Five Objectives: For added flexibility, up to five objectives can be supported by the revolving nosepiece. In addition to general objectives, users can select a 2x objective for wide area observation on objectives for phase contrast. These objectives with long working distances help keep specimens from getting damaged.
• Ergonomically-Positioned Focus Knob: The low-positioned focusing knob enables users to make observations while keeping their hands and forearms rested on the desk, helping provide comfort. The focusing stopper prevents a specimen from accidentally hitting an objective when working under high magnification.
• Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position: The low-positioned stage is designed to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue. The stage surface can be widely seen from the eye point position, which enables users to smoothly set and check specimens on the stage. The stage knob can be controlled with just a light touch and can be adjusted at the same time as the focusing knob, since they are located close together.
• Specimen Holders that Match Your Observation Style: Stage accessories improve efficiency when users need to observe a large number of specimens. With the specimen holder sheet, a specimen can be freely operated by a finger on the sheet and can be precisely adjusted using the stage knob. The double specimen holder can retain a large specimen or two specimens.
• Simplified Fluorescence Observations: Fluorescence observation can be easily set up on the standard configuration while keeping the eye point the same as other observation methods. Simply plug the compact fluorescent illuminator into the back of the microscope frame.
• Versatile Applications: The universal condenser offers a variety of observation methods and future upgradability. In combination with the five-position revolving nosepiece, multiple applications can be covered using the simple microscope frame.

Technical Specification
Optical Head:
Trinocular, angled at 30°
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 48 to 75mm
Dioptric adjustment on both eyepieces
10x/20mm, wide-field
Quintuple nosepiece, reversed
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x oil Phase Contrast
Pre-condenser without field diaphragm
Abbe Condenser, NA 1.25
7-Position Turret Condenser
Focusable and centrable, iris diaphragm
Wire movement mechanical fixed stage, 211 x 154mm with slide holder
76 x 52mm, Vernier scale
Focusing Knobs:
Coaxial coarse and fine with stop
Tension control on coarse focus
Mains Power:
100 – 240V/50 – 60Hz
2.4W LED with intensity control
Supplied With:
Power cord, microscope oil and cover
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