Olympus CKX53 Trinocular Inverted Microscope (4x, 10x, 20x and 40x Phase Contrast, CKX3-SLP) Package

Introducing the Olympus CKX53 Trinocular Inverted Microscope package, a comprehensive solution tailored for cell culture applications. With its seamless operation, exceptional optical performance, optimal working distances, and versatile contrast methods, this microscope package is ideal for conducting quick and efficient examinations of live cells. Its slim and compact design, coupled with pre-centered phase contrast rings and optional fluorescence capability, offers a convenient and versatile platform for various cell checks.

The CKX53 microscope package is equipped with a built-in camera port, allowing for easy connection to a digital camera (camera not included) to capture high-quality images. Designed from the ground up, this microscope represents the pinnacle of excellence in routine inverted microscopic analysis. The harmonious blend of outstanding optical performance and mechanical precision ensures a microscope system that delivers exceptional value and comfort for regular use. Notably, the pre-centered phase contrast feature empowers users to effortlessly tailor the system to their specific application needs.

The CKX53 Trinocular Inverted Microscope package includes the CKX53 trinocular inverted microscope itself, along with 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x LWD Phase Contrast objectives, and a power cord. Additionally, it features the CKX3-SLP manual condenser slider specifically designed for the CKX53 system condenser, enabling Integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) and Inversion Contrast (IVC) capabilities for enhanced versatility and imaging capabilities.

• Fast and Efficient Cell Observation with the Integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) System: The high contrast achieved by the CKX53 iPC system quickly provides a clear view without needing to change the ring silt from the 4x to 40x objective. Performing simplified and efficient cell observation, for faster cell culture operations is made possible.
• Clear View Empowered by Long-Life LED Light Illumination: Lasting longer than halogen bulbs, the energy-saving LED light source of the CKX53 delivers reliable colour reproducibility as well as a uniform and clear image over the whole visual field with a field number (FN) of 22. The energy-saving performance of CKX53 guarantees a clear and stable view.
• Wide and Clear View with the 2x Objective: The ring silt for the PLN2x objective, CKX3-SLPAS, has a 22mm field of view of 11mm diameter. As a result, observation using the objective is perfect for efficient screening of the desired cells, allowing a faster cell culture process. Additionally, the 2x objective provides noticeably higher contrast, allowing even transparent objects in the sample to be clearly identified.
• Experience 3D Views Driven by the “Inversion Contrast” (IVC) Technique: With the use of this newly-developed IVC technique in CKX53, where the depth of field is narrower than that of the phase contrast, clear three-dimensional images can be obtained for objects of any shape, even transparent ones. In addition, IVC observation provides clear views without halos or directional shadows, preserving the integrity of object details during observation. 10x objectives (PLCN10x, CACH10XIPC) are lined up for this new IVC observation.
• Smooth Cell Observations in Sterile Conditions: With the hood kept down, CKX53 fits perfectly in a clean bench environment, allowing cell handling under completely sterile conditions. With its UV-resistant coating, CKX53 can also be left in the clean bench during the UV light sterilization process. Compared with previous CKX models, CKX53 weighs approximately 7kg and has a smaller base footprint. It can easily be moved with just one hand, using the neck of the observation tube for lifting as well as the sliding pad at the base of the microscope.
• Easy Cell Sampling in a Clean Bench Environment: The shorter distance between the view point and the optical axis/focus knob on CKX53 offers natural hand positioning and makes focusing and cell sampling easier. Additionally, with full LED lighting available from the moment CKX53 is turned on, operation is less of a burden to the user, and cell sampling and handling can be finished in a shorter period of time.
• Ergonomic Advantages for Easy and Smooth Operation: Whether observing in a standing or seated position, the 45-degree optical access and the placement of the butterfly-shaped observation tube against the stage allows for ergonomic cell observation. Sterile work can be quickly started and finished, allowing cells to be returned to the incubator in a shorter time. Additionally, the power switch is placed directly under the observation tube located along the stage. The operating components such as the power switch and knob for switching the light path are placed close together to enhance the operability of the CKX53.
• Easy Handling of Any Type of Cell Culture Containers: Using the universal holder with CKX53, it is possible to easily view cells that were cultured in a variety of containers, such as dishes, microplates, and flasks. Also, when the optional holder is attached, a maximum of three 35mm dishes can be accommodated on the stage. Microplates can be handled without a holder and the well “address” of the microplate can be identified quickly using the grid for each well position on the CKX3-MVR manual stage. When viewing a 96-well plate, each 90-degree rotation of the stage knob moves the well position one at a time, allowing intuitive handling of the microplate during observation.
More Comprehensive Observation for a Multi-Layer Tissue Flask: Due to the width of CKX53, when the condenser is detached it is possible to view containers such as multi-layer tissue flasks up to 190mm in height. In addition, the objectives can be lifted up to 19mm, allowing cell observation of the bottom two layers of a multi-layer tissue flask in combination with the PLCN4X objective.
• Flexibility of Using Different Containers: The arm of the holders can easily be lifted up for manual positioning of the culture containers. Additionally, the stage can be expanded up to 70mm to the left and right for greater handling flexibility.
• Clear Views with a Wide Range of Fluorescence Dyes: With the CKX53 standard fluorescence set, even weak fluorescence signal can be viewed clearly with the aid of the integrated 100W mercury lamp (U-LH100HG). The same type of mirror unit as those of IX3 and BX3 can be set at three slots of the mirror unit slider. Also, the same quality of performance in fluorescence observation as top of the line inverted microscopes can be obtained for wide range of fluorescence dyes according to the user’s needs. Compared to previous CKX models, the increased filtering ability of the fluorescence mirror units produces images at higher contrast.
High Contrast Under Bright Conditions: The “Umbra Shield” is designed specifically for CKX53 fluorescence observation. It efficiently blocks out room light, enhances the contrast of fluorescence, and enables clear fluorescence observation even under bright conditions. When using phase contrast, the Umbra Shield can be lifted up to pass light through to the sample.
Instantly Ready for Clear Image Capturing: The CKX53 comes standard with a camera port. When used with the DP22, its software has a function called “Cell Culture mode” that can capture the appropriate colour for cell culture samples, so the CKX53 instantly captures clear high quality images. For further versatility, other cameras with C-type lens mounts can also be used with CKX53.

Technical Specification
Optical Head:
Trinocular with photo port, angled at 45°, 100:0, 0:100 split
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: 48 to 75mm
Dioptric adjustment on both eyepieces
10x/22mm, super wide-field
Quintuple nosepiece with click stop
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x LWD Phase Contrast
Abbe Condenser, NA 1.25
Pre-centred phase slider with single phase ring for 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x plus two BF positions
Iris diaphragm
Plain stage, 252 x 200mm, with exchangeable transparent plate
110 x 74mm movement, Vernier scale
Focusing Knobs:
Coaxial coarse and fine with stop
Tension control on coarse focus
Mains Power:
100 – 240V/50 – 60Hz
4W LED with intensity control
Supplied With:
Power cord
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