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The Thermo Fisher Scientific NanoDrop™ Lite Plus is a compact standalone microvolume spectrophotometer, providing  the durability and data quality you expect from NanoDrop, at a lower pricepoint. The ideal choice for routine quantification and quality assessment of nucleic acids and purity ratios in teaching, research or industry.


·       Familiar ‘pipette, measure and wipe workflow’

·       Provides concentration, 260:230 and 260:280 purity ratios

·       Measure up to 30 ABS (1,500 ng/µl dsDNA or 45 mg/ml BSA) without dilution

·       Fast < 5 second per sample measurement time

·       Small sample volume ( 1µl for nucleic acids or 2 µl for purified proteins)

·       Standalone operation with colour touchscreen interface

·       On-board data storage for up to 1,000 samples

·       Data export via USB flash drive in .CSV format

·       Optional printer module for freezer-compatible tube labels

·       Integrated performance verification module

Technical Specification

Instrument Control – On-board LCD touchscreen

Minimum Sample Volume – 1 ul for nucleic acids or 2 ul for proteins

Wavelength Range – 230, 260 and 280 nm

Limit of Detection – 4 ng/ul dsDNA  or 0.12 mg/ml BSA

Maximum Concentration – 1,500 ng/ul dsDNA or 45 mg/ml BSA

Pathlengths – 0.2mm and 1mm (auto-ranging)

Measurement Time – <5 seconds

Absorbance Range – 0 – 30 OD

Light Source – Xenon Flashlamp

Detector – 2048-element CMOS linear image sensor

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 27 x 22 x 22 cm

Weight – 2.7 kg (without printer module)

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