Haier CO2 Incubator

The Haier Biomedical CO2 incubator uses professional and superior technology to provide reliable and stable conditions for carrying out epidemiological and translational research, and to create a stable cell and virus culture environment for researchers.


·        Efficient microbial filter

·        Active airflow control technology, to ensure stability and homogeneity

·        Door heating function, eliminates microbial contamination

·        180℃ dry heat sterilization technology, providing a contamination-free environment

·        Precise CO2 Concentration

·        IoT APP Available for Real Time Monitoring (optional)

Technical Specification
  Model HCP-80 HCP-168 HCP-258
Type   Air Jacket Air Jacket Air Jacket
Construction Chamber Volume (L) 80 170 258
Interior Chamber Stainless Steel
External Chamber Cold-rolled Steel Powder Coated
Access Port 35mm Diameter
Data Outputs Remote Alarm Contacts, USB, and Optional 4-20mA
Dimensions Net/Gross Weight (approx kg 75/100 110/140 135/170
lbs 165/220 242.5/308.6 297/374
Interior Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 400*420*490 490*560*650 570*610*745
in 15.7*16.5*19.3 19.3*22*25.6 22.4*24.0*29.3
Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 625*684*735 714*812*887 794*867*985
in 24.6*26.9*28.5 28.1*32*34.9 31.3*34.1*38.8
Packing Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 31.3*34.1*38.8 760*840*1050 865*940*1135
in 27.3*29.7*36.0 29.9*33.1*41.3 34.0*37.0*44.7
Shelves Dimensions (W*D) mm 380*300 470*434 550*484
Number Standard/Maximum   3/7 3/11 3/13
Max.load Per Shelf/Total Load kg 10/30 10/30 10/30
Construction   Perforated, Adjustable
Electrical Rated Voltage Power Supply (V/Hz) 220/50 220/50 220/50
Nominal Consumption (kw) (Steri-run) 0.07 (0.9) 0.095 (1.4) 0.12 (1.6)
Control Controller Microprocessor Microprocessor Microprocessor
Display 7 "LCD Screen 7 "LCD Screen 7 "LCD Screen
CO2 Control ±0.1% ±0.1% ±0.1%
Range 0-20% 0-20% 0-20%
Alarm Range ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Inlet Pressure 12-17Psi (0.8-1.2 Bar)
Gas Purity % Min.99.5 or Medical Quality
Sensor IR IR IR
Recovery Time at 5vol.-%/CO2 for a 30 Second Door Opening * (min) 4 4 4
CO2 Inlet Filter (µm) <0.2 <0.2 <0.2
Alarms High/Low Temperature  Y Y Y
Remote Alarm Y Y Y
Excessive CO2 Concentration  Y Y Y
Water Shortage Y Y Y
Water Shortage Y Y Y
Temperature Parameter Control (°C) ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Range  Range 3°C Above Ambient to 55°C
Uniformity (°C)  ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3
Ambient Range (°C)  18-32 18-32 18-32
Sensor PT1000 PT1000 PT1000
Recovery Time at 37°C for a 30 Second Door Opening* (min) 4 4 4
Cycle Temperature  180°C on all Internal Surfaces
Cycle Duration Under 12 Hours Under 12 Hours Under 12 Hours
Humidity RH (Relative Humidity) Setting 37°C ≥90%  Setting 37°C ≥90%  Setting 37°C ≥90% 
Humidity Reservoir Max.1.3L/Min 0.5L Max.1.3L/Min 0.5L Max.1.3L/Min 0.5L
Optional Hepa Filter Y Y Y
Pressure Reducing Valve Y Y Y
RS485 Y Y Y
4-20mA Y Y Y
The Cylinder Switch Y Y Y
Certification CE CE CE
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HCP-80 80 litre Air Jacket Haier CO2 incubator
HCP-168 170 litre Air Jacket Haier CO2 incubator
HCP-258 258 litre Air Jacket Haier CO2 incubator
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