Christ Double Chamber Production Freeze Dryer System

The CHRIST Double Chamber Production Freeze Dryer System is specifically designed to offer efficient freezing and drying for all production environments, including vaccine production.

The system has been designed by CHRIST to have the ice condenser situated beneath the drying chamber. This allows for a large opening between the two chambers for the most efficient method of vapour transport to the ice condenser.

It is only through having enough cross sections that high pressure differences can be avoided. These often occur when large quantities of water vapour are dried. With this double-chamber system, the economic and efficient operation is increased significantly – water vapour has a shorter distance to travel. In addition, reduced operational pressure difference means the unit is ideal for sensitive and low eutectic point substances.

The unit is also easier to clean and maintain. Sealings have been minimised to allow for more efficient servicing and maintenance. It can also come with a Clean-In-Place option to make the process easier.

These production freeze dryers meet GMP, FDA and all standard industry certifications.

For further information about the CHRIST Double Chamber Production Freeze Dryer System, please take a look at the Technical Specifications or contact our freeze drying specialists to discuss your requirements. 

Technical Specification
  • Ice condenser control and access through the chamber door
  • Simple cleaning of drying and ice ice condenser chamber
  • Minimization of sealings to facilitate service and maintenance works
  • Large cross-section between drying chamber and the ice condenser chamber, water vapour dissipation to the ice condenser is optimized
  • Short distances for the water vapour, therefore high efficiency and economic operation of the unit
  • Reduced pressure difference between ice condenser and drying chamber, therefore sensitive as well as low eutectic substances can be dried
  • Full automatic sterilzation process (SIP) with 121°C or 134°C including cooling and vacuum test, filter integrity test
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) available as on option
  • Flexible measurement and control system
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