CBS V-3000AB/C 70 Litre Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezer, Carousel

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All models in the Isothermal range feature jacketed technology: LN2 is contained in a space between the inner chamber and the middle wall of the freezer, so the storage area remains dry.
The LN2 layer surrounds the entire sample storage area, top to bottom, to produce uniform temperature throughout the freezer. The design also reduces the risk of sample cross-contamination by preventing LN2 from leaking into samples and minimises temperature increase when the lid is opened.
The programmable controller features a dual temperature display, autofill, alarm, fill timers and downloadable reports.
The carousel rotates from outside of the freezer, so there’s no need to remove one rack to access another. This features also reduces the risk of injury or temperature fluctuations (reduced exposure to room temperature). The square lid opening allows access to square racks and helps reduce LN2 consumption.
Caster mounted and hatch-style lift off lid with built in holder. Storage racks, canisters and accessories must be ordered separately.

• Excellent temperature uniformity: Storage temperature variation of <6°C from the top to the bottom of the chamber

• Superior sample integrity: Patented jacket technology

• Increased storage space: No LN2 at the bottom of the freezer

• Improved safety: Eliminates contact or splashing of LN2. Removable console allows access to storage area in case of emergency

Technical Specification

LN2 Capacity: 70L


Vials: 16,800

Blood bags: 876

Construction: Stainless steel

Lid: Small, square hatch-style lift off lid

External Dimensions (w x d x h): 939x1219x1130mm

Internal Dimensions (usable h x d): 686x737mm

2301 Controller:

16 port connector

0-5 volt outputs and 4-20 mA outputs: Temperature and level data for connection to existing alarm/monitor system

Sequential and One-Fill/All-Fill input and output connection for filling systems

Two-level temperature display option:

Temp. A displays temperature at the lid, approximately 11″/27.94cm

Temp. B displays temperature inside the storage space, approximately 20″/50.80cm

Data storage: Records 12 alarms and events such as fill start, fill stop, etc. with dated time stamp, printed or displayed

Date log: Print or display Temp. A, Temp. B and level with date and time stamp

Download cryomonitor data files to PC

Global Remote Alarm-Dry contact that alerts during any alarm condition

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