Arctiko ULUF 125, 94 Litre -86°C Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Introducing the Arctiko ULUF 125, a remarkable addition to your laboratory that brings a new dimension to ultra-low temperature (ULT) storage. With its compact and space-saving design, as well as low noise levels, this upright ULT freezer provides an excellent storage solution for your laboratory needs. The ULUF 125 is engineered with original single compressor technology, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Key Features:

Efficient Energy Consumption:
• Experience low energy consumption with the ULUF 125, helping to reduce operational costs while maintaining optimal freezing conditions.
• The insulated inner doors contribute to enhanced energy efficiency.

Convenient and Frost-Free:
• The heated door frame prevents frost formation on the gasket, facilitating easy door opening and ensuring a reliable seal.
• Benefit from the microprocessor controller with a digital display, allowing you to monitor real-time temperature, battery level, ambient temperature, and temperature graph.

Environmentally Friendly and Quiet Operation:
• The ULUF 125 utilizes 100% HCFC/CFC free refrigerants, promoting a more eco-friendly laboratory environment.
• Enjoy a low noise level, providing a tranquil workspace conducive to productivity.

Reliable Backup System:
• In case of power outages, the ULUF 125 is equipped with a battery backup that can sustain alarms, data, logging, and temperature display for approximately 72 hours, safeguarding your valuable samples.

Discover the Arctiko ULUF 125, an exceptional ULT freezer that enhances your laboratory storage capabilities. Its compact design, low noise levels, and energy-efficient performance make it an ideal solution for your laboratory needs. Count on its original single compressor technology to deliver reliable and consistent freezing conditions. Elevate your laboratory experience with the ULUF 125 and ensure the safety and integrity of your samples.

Technical Specification

Capacity (L):  94

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

     Internal:  360 x 493 x 530

     External:  950 x 725 x 810

Noise level (dB):  <55

Temperature Range (°C):  -86/-40

Max. Ambient Temperature (°C):  25

Power Consumption (kWh/24h):   7.7

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