Welch CRVpro6 Two-stage rotary vane pump

The Welch CRVpro two-stage rotary vane pumps are designed to be used whenever a process vacuum up to 10-3 mbar is required.
The CRVpro models is innovatively designed to use the pump to lubricate and create the vacuum whilst circulate cooling air over the body of the pump itself.
The internal surface protection of the pump with PTFE and black oxide coatings slow corrosion allows easier cleaning and extends service levels increasing the life of the unit.
Their large oil volume helps to dilute chemicals in the process, improving the cool running temperatures which also extends oil change and service intervals.
The compact design and low noise levels of all the Welch rotary pumps make these the perfect portable solution for both laboratories and industrial environments.

• Exceptionally low noise levels
• Chemical resistant coatings inside pump, helps maintain the unit and extend services
• Gas ballast function with inert gas connection
• Anti-suck back valve to prevent oil being sucked back into application in event of power failure
• Cool running, runs 10°C cooler than standard pumps reducing your oil consumption

Technical Specification

Free air displacement: 6.0m3/h
Ultimate pressure (without gas ballast): 2x10-3 mbar
Connection Flanges: DN 16KF
Ambient operating temperature °C: 10 to 40
Noise Level 50Hz: dB(A) ≤50
Oil Capacity ml: 1150
Motor speed rpm: 1450
Motor Power kW: 0.37
Weight kg: 22
Dimensions mm: 463x157x230
Selectable voltage: 230v/115v 50/60Hz

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SQ-3062-00W CRVpro6 230v 50/60Hz supplied with clamps + centring rings on inlet and exhaust

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SQ-330031W Freeze drier adaptor kit
SQ-700621W FOM Exhaust filter with auto drain
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