Thermo Hygrometer PCE-HGP

Thermo Hygrometer PCE-HGP

For relative or absolute humidity and temperature of wood and other
materials (dew point in a diagram)

The PCE-HGP Thermo Hygrometer is designed for use by professionals measuring climactic conditions and in the evaluation of damage in the construction industry. The Thermo Hygrometer also measures relative humidity and ambient temperature as well as absolute humidity in materials and wood. By way of a table, the device can determine dew point. With this Thermo Hygrometer you acquire a multi- functional device which is highly accurate for measurements to be made in situ. Other advantages are that it is easy to use, its light-weight and small. You can arrive with the device in your jacket pocket, ready to work. Remove the protective front cover, connect the device, press the two buttons at the same time, then select the measurement function and then begin measuring.

Technical Specification
Measuring relative air humidity and temperature using an internal combined sensor
Measurement range
10 to 95% r.h.  /  -5 to 50°C
0.5% r.h.  /  0.5°C
±2% r.h. (between 30 and 80%)
or ±3% r.h.  /  ±1°C

Measuring humidity of construction materials using penetrating pins
Measurement range
0 to 60% (absolute)
±1% (<15%)  / ±2% (between 15 to 28%)
above range: ±3% 
Characteristic curves for materials
Curve midpoints
Measuring humidity in wood using penetrating pins
Measurement range
6 to 60% (absolute)
±1% (<15%)  / ±2% (between 15 to 28%)
above range: ±3%
Characteristic curves for materials / types of wood
can choose between 3 types of wood

General Specifications
Determines dew point
using a diagram which comes with the device
(see user's manual)
15mm LCD
12V battery
160 x 27 x 15mm

Delivery contents

1x PCE-HGP Thermo Hygrometer (with standard pins),
2x nails for very hard materials,
protective hood
1x user's manual

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