Thermo Hygrometer PCE-555

Thermo Hygrometer PCE-555
Thermo Hygrometer in pocket format for measuring room humidity, room temperature, dew point, wet bulb temperature / easy reading / backlit display

The PCE-555 Thermo Hygrometer has been developed to take rapid measurements of humidity and temperature. The PCE-555 Thermo Hygrometer also offers a calculation of dew point and information about wet bulb globe temperature. Thus you can, for example, prevent mould during the transport and storage of food. Also, the instrument is of benefit in the construction sector, such as in the determination of condensation on walls. With its compact dimensions, the Thermo Hygrometer is particularly suitable for measurement on site.

  • fast response time
  • high precision
  • simultaneous display of temperature and moisture
  • automatic shutdown
  • calculation of dew point and Wet bulb temperature
  • backlight
  • storage of maximum value
  • compact and lightweight


Technical Specification

Measuring ranges

0 ... 100 % r.H.
-30 ... +100 °C


0.01 % r.H.
0.01 °C


± 2 % r.H. at 25 °C / 20 ... 80 % r.H.
otherwise ± 2.5 % r.H.
± 0.5 °C at 25°C
otherwise ± 1 °C

Response time

ca. 10 sec. (90% at 25° C air temperature)


4.5-digit dual LCD display with backlight

Automatic shutdown

Yes, after 15 minutes (can be disabled)

Storage conditions

-10 ... 60 °C / < 80 % r.H.

Operating conditions

0 ... 40 °C / < 80 % r.H.


1 x 9 V Block Battery


225 mm x 45 mm x 34 mm
8.9 in x 1.8 in x 1.3 in


200  g / 0.44 lbs


Delivery Contents
1 x PCE-555 Thermo Hygrometer, 1 x storage bag, 1 x battery and instruction manual

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