Sigma Robot/Automated Centrifuges

Sigma Centrifuges are renowned for their quality and the robot compatible centrifuge range is the perfect solution for automated laboratories. Monotonous and repetitive operations or analyses bearing a high risk of infection no longer need to be carried out by highly qualified laboratory personnel.  Therefore, robotic integrated centrifuges are valuable working aids in the automated laboratory.

We have produced robot compatible centrifuges for many years for incorporation into automated processes. These centrifuges are based on our 4-16/4-16K and 6-16/6-16K centrifuges. All centrifuges can be manufactured with specific rotors and accessories for your application(s). The centrifuges can be fitted with either an auto opening lid to 85° or a sliding hatch within the main lid to meet your requirements.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. For more information on the lab equipment, sigma centrifuges and microfuges we supply please call 01939 234 222 or contact us below.

Technical Specification


  4-16R 4-16KR 6-16 KR
 Power consumption [W]  1,680  2,280 2,280
Max. capacity (ml) 4 x 650 4 x 650  4 x 800
Max. speed [rpm]  13,500 15,000 15,000
 Min. speed [rpm] 100 100 100
 Interference suppression  EN 61326 EN 61326  EN 61326
 Height x Width x Depth [mm] 489 x 496 x 650   426 x 670 x 650 448 x 792 x 686
Height with open lid [mm] 940 - -
 Weight without rotor [kg] 87 134 168
Kinetic energy max. [Nm]   50.486  63.897 154.007
Noise level at max. speed (approx.)      
 Rotor A10-1-5 at 13.500 rpm [dB (A)] 58 62 62
 Rotor 09250 at   4.500 rpm [dB (A)] 66 59 59
Max. acceleration rotor A10-2-3 [sec] 24 41 41
 rotor A10-1-13 [sec] 75 55 55
Max. acceleration rotor A10-2-3 [sec] 29 43 43
 rotor A10-1-13 [sec] 58 73 73
 Temperature setting range  –  -20°C – +40°C -20°C – +40°C
Min. rotor temperature *)      
Rotor 09250 5.100 rpm *) [°C]  – 4 4
Rotor A10-1-13 9.000 rpm *) [°C]  – 4 4
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