Sigma 8KS Centrifuge – Refrigerated Floor Standing 12ltr

Sigma’s 8K Refrigerated Floor Standing 12ltr Centrifuge is used in a broad spectrum of scientific applications ranging from biotechnology, clinical life-science laboratories, medical diagnostic labs and pharmacological technology to chemical industry, crude oil analysis, and water management – in both research and production. Sigma supplies centrifuges are renowned for their quality and the high capacity centrifuge offers unparalleled volume for a relatively compact floor standing machine.

The Sigma 8K centrifuge is one of the largest capacity centrifuges available today with a variety of rotors from 6 x 1000ml in fixed angle up to 12 x 1000ml in swing-out. The Sigma 8K centrifuges have also become an excellent workhouse centrifuge for blood-bank applications accepting up to 12 x blood bags and large numbers of blood tubes.

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  • Order. no. 10621 (3 x 400 V /50 Hz) air cooled
  • Order. no. 10622 (3 x 220 V / 60 Hz) air cooled
  • Order. no. 10623 (3 x 400 V / 50 Hz) water cooled
  • Compact refrigerated floor standing centrifuge for universal use in blood banks, clinical laboratories and research
  • Capacity up to 6 l in angle rotor; 12 x 1 l, 6 x 1.5 l or 12 blood bags in swing-out rotor
  • Solid construction, suitable for continous use
  • Maintenance-free drive, high imbalance tolerance up to approx. 80 g
  • Speed range 100 – 10.500 rpm
  • Automatic rotor identification prevents spinning rotors overspeed
  • Efficient refrigeration; temperature adjustable between -20 °C and +40 °C, standstill cooling, with refrigerant R404a
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • The lid is hinged on the left hand side
  • Easy open the centrifuge lid via pneumatic springs
  • Two motorized lid locks provide safe, assured lid-locking
  • Power failure, emergency lid opening
  • Ergonomic loading height of just 88 cm
  • The user friendly control unit is integrated in the front panel
  • Centrifuge fits through a door opening of only 82 cm
  • The centrifuge stands on movable castors an adjustable feet to even out the floor
  • Easily serviceable
  • All international standards are met, e.g. IEC 1010, CE, WEEE


  • Data logging via RS 232
  • Water-cooled compressors
  • Sealed housing and water-cooled compressors, sterile room version
  • Inert gas injection with analysis of the oxygen content in the exhaust emission

Spincontrol – Professional

  • Sophisticated version of the unique SIGMA single-knob control with backlit graphical LCD-display
  • Selectable languages: German, English
  • All important run parameters at a glance
  • Permanent display of set and actual values: time, speed, gravitational field and temperature
  • 60 programs can be named and stored in a memory with all run parameters
  • Rapid cooling program
  • 10 linear, 10 quadratic and 10 user defined acceleration an deceleration curves including brakeless deceleration
  • Setting of values in steps of 100 or 1 rpm resp. 10 or 1 x g
  • Time 0 – 99 h 59 min, continuous operation, short run
  • Electronic imbalance monitoring, acoustic and visual alarm with fast deceleration
  • End of run alarm, selectable, can be switched of
  • Plain text display of information an error messages
  • Run time and cycles count for the rotors used
  • Selectable additional functions:
  • Time integral, standstill cooling, automatic unlocking of lid after end of run, timing after set speed has been reached, password protection of programs in memory, information in case of excessive chamber temperature with adjustable tolerance, speed adjustment for substances with density exceeding 1,2 g/ccm, start delay, automatic speed adjustment for different radii to have same gravitational field, temperature display in °F oder °C, display of acceleration and deceleration curves, program rotation
Technical Specification

Electric supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
3 x 220 V / 60 Hz

Power consumption

6,5 kW

Max. capacity

12 Liter

Max. speed rpm

10.500 1/min

Min. speed rpm

100 1/min

Interference suppression

EN 61326

Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth

980x810x910 mm

Height with open lid

1690 mm

Weight without rotor

420 kg

Kinetic energy max.

279 K Nm

Noise level at max. speed (approx.)

Rotor 11800

69 dB(A)

Rotor 12505

73 dB(A)

Max. acceleration

Rotor 11800

81 sec

Rotor 12505

80 sec

Max. deceleration

Rotor 11800

59 sec

Rotor 12505

75 sec

Teperature setting range

-20°C – +40°C

Min. rotor temperature
at 23°C ambient temperature

< 4°C

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