Sigma 4-5KRL Centrifuge

Sigma, As one of the worlds’ most prominent manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges covering multiple sectors, disciplines and industries for nearly half a century. From biotechnology to environmental, medical and pharmaceutical analysis, Sigma’s family-owned company leads the way with its German engineering, which sets the standard by providing the benchmark for quality technology that companies, institutions and laboratories across the globe can trust. Sigma stands for innovation, reliability, durability, efficiency and simplicity. 

The innovative Sigma 4-5KRL is specifically designed for integration into laboratory automation systems (total lab automation). This refrigerated centrifuge is laid out for robot loading / unloading and control via the integrated serial interface. It is ideal for a very high capacity of tubes for clinical in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and for use with microtiter plates and custom tubes and bottles.

Its compact construction facilitate easy integration into workflows, thereby making a significant contribution to higher efficiency the lab. Based on Sigma’s many years of experience with centrifuges suitable for robot operation, the Sigma 4-5KRL boasts noteworthy innovations and advanced features. The patented bucket lifting device is one of its unique features. This innovative bucket levelling function ensures that after each centrifugation run, the buckets return to horizontally and vertically reproducible positions at the loading/unloading port. This innovation makes a decisive contribution to boosting process reliability.

Consistent minimisation of non-productive process time enables very high throughput, which is increasingly important in clinical chemistry and haematology. The universally deployable Sigma 4-5KRL is also widely used in research labs for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. 


Sigma 4-5KRL

  • Robot-operable centrifuge
  • Speed range up to 4,700 rpm
  • Maximum RCF 4,470 x g
  • Maximum capacity: 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtiter plates per run
  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Minimal non-productive process times
  • Lid opening and closing in less than 2 seconds
  • Rotor indexing from position 1 to position 2 within 8 seconds
  • Bucket levelling for extremely high rotor and bucket positioning accuracy
  • 10 pairs of braking and acceleration profiles
  • Noise level at maximum speed ≤ 59 dB(A)
  • High-performance cooling
  • Temperature setting range: -10 °C to +40 °C
  • Pre-cooling program
  • Standstill cooling
  • Rotor life monitoring for high safety
  • Reliable imbalance: 20 g
  • Robust device designed for continuous duty
  • Control via RS 232 interface
  • Calibration certificate avaliable at an additional cost - please enquire for a quote
Technical Specification

Standard swing-out rotors and buckets

Swing-out rotor 91318 with bucket 91319 MTP swing-out rotor 91318 with bucket 91320
Max. capacity: 100 x 15 ml* Max. capacity: 16 microtiter plates*
Max. load per bucket: 900 g Max. plate height: 60 mm
Max. speed: 4,700 rpm Max. load per bucket: 500g
Max. RCF: 4470 x g Max. speed: 4,700 rpm
Angle: 90° Max. RCF: 3,877 x g
Angle: 90°
*Theoretical maximum value with maximum packing density

Sigma 4-5KRL -(Item no. 91309) 208–240 V, 50/60 Hz   (Other voltages available upon request)
Max. capacity (ml)
Swing-out rotor

140 blood collection tubes /
16 microtiter plates

Max. RCF 4,470
Maximum speed [rpm] 4,700
Minimum speed [rpm] 100
Noise level at maximum speed (approximate) [dB(A)]
Swing-out rotor 91318 with bucket 91319 ≤ 59
Max. acceleration time [s]
Swing-out rotor 91318 with bucket 91319 ≤ 23
Max. braking time [s]
Swing-out rotor 91318 with bucket 91319 ≤ 24
Power consumption [W] 2,200
Height x width x depth [mm] 406 x 677 x 680
Height with open lid [mm] 890
Weight without rotor [kg] 135
Sigma_4-5KRL_EN (307.38 kB)
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