Shimadzu UV-1280 Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu are leaders in UV-Visible Spectroscopy for molecular absorption quantitative analysis, the UV-1280 Multipurpose UV-Visible Spectrophotometer offers wavelength scanning from 190-1100 nm. The Spectrophotometer UV-1280 is an affordable, high-quality instrument is ideal for applications ranging from routine environmental and food quality testing to life science analyses.

  • Large easy to read screen
  • Intuitive controller
  • The checks for JIS items can be performed automatically or semi-automatically.
  • Linking with a 6-series multi-cell (optional) is possible, making sample replacement unnecessary. Inspections can be performed efficiently.
  • Suitable for a wide range of application from photometric, spectral, and kinetics measurements to DNA/protein and high-level multi-component quantitation.
  • USB flash drives can be connected directly to the UV-1280.
  • Data for spectra and time-course curves can be displayed and saved with commercial spreadsheet software.
Technical Specification
Spectrum bandwidth 5nm
Wavelength range 190.0 to 1100.0 nm
Display wavelength 0.1nm step
Selectable wavelength 0.1nm step (1nm step in spectrum mode)
Wavelength accuracy  ±1.0nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.3nm
Scan speed Wavelength change: approximately 6000 nm/min.Scan: approximately 9 to 1600 nm/min.
Light source change Selectable from following 3 types;・Auto change with wavelengthSelectable wavelength 295nm to 364nm: 1nm intervalRecommended wavelength: 340nm・Halogen lamp only. Deuterium (D2) lamp only
Stray light Less than 0.05%(220.0 nm NaI, 340.0 nm NaNO2)
Measurement method Monitored double beam measurement
Photometric range Absorbance: −0.3 to 3.0 AbsTransmittance: 0.0 to 200%
Recording range Absorbance: −4 to 4 AbsTransmittance: −400 to 400%
Photometric accuracy  ±0.005Abs (at 1.0Abs) by NIST930D±0.003Abs (at 0.5Abs) filter
Photometric repeatability  ±0.002Abs (at 1.0Abs)
Drift Less than ±0.001 Abs/h (after 2 hr warm-up)
Baseline flatness  ±0.010 Abs (after 1 hr warm-up, at 1100 to 200 nm)
Noise Less than 0.002 Abs, Peak to Peakless than 0.0005 Abs, RMS
Light source 20W Halogen lamp (long-life 2000 hours)Deuterium lamp (socket type)
Monochromator Incorporates aberration-correcting concave blazed holographic grating
Detector Silicon photodiode
Sample compartment W110.0 × D230.0 × H105.0 mm(partial depth: 155.0 mm)2 screw port for option accessory installation
Display 6 inch LCD (320 × 240 dot) with CFD lighting with contrast adjustment
Power supply 100~120 V 50/60 Hz 140 VA220~240 V 50/60 Hz 140 VA
Dimensions W416×D379×274mm
Weight 10kg
Ambient temperature & humidity 15 to 35°C30 to 80%, less than 70% if over 30°C
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