Sci/ERA ™ Fixed Frame Cell Production Roller Apparatus with Stand-by Drive & Alarm

The Bellco Sci/ERA Cell Production Incubator Roller Apparatus has been designed for production of mammalian cells, viruses and cell products. Non-modular production units come in 45 and 50 bottle positions with over 80,000 cm2 of surface area. All roller apparatus feature a solid state control with heavy-duty DC motor and digital tachometer. All Position Drives are for use with plastic roller bottles to prevent slipping of the light-weight bottles. A Stand By Drive and Alarm System provides motion and power failure alarms and has a backup drive system that automatically drives the unit should the original fail.


Special Notes

  • An electrical service outage, inadvertent circuit disconnection or blown fuse can suddenly put thousands of pounds worth of cell cultures in peril. Mechanical or motor malfunctions can be just as destructive. The Sci/ERA™ Cell Production incubator Roller System virtually eliminates the threat of cell loss by providing auxiliary battery power reserve, dual drive motors, and motion detection circuitry.
  • These units do not fit in Bellco Refigerated Roll-IN Incubators.
Technical Specification
  • Battery Backup provides up to 18 hours of continuous operation in cases of power failure.
  • Stand-By Drive and Alarm System will disconnect the primary motor and energize the secondary motor upon motion loss, bypassing the mechanical or motor fault.
  • Audible and Visual Alarm System complete with remote jack for interfacing with alarm systems or computers, warns of AC power failure or motion loss.
  • Fixed Frame Cell Production Roller Apparatus
  • Accepts all Bellco 110 mm and 120 mm diameter x 510mm glass and plastic roller bottles.
  • Width: 32" with bumpers, 30" without bumpers.
  • Wheel-Wheel: 26" Centers to fit wheel slots in Bellco Incubators.
  • Roller Construction: Non-transferring chemical-resistant rubber rollers with key-shape.
  • Clearance Between Decks for Bottle Placement: 134 mm
  • Construction Material: Aluminum, chemically treated enamel finish.
  • Usable Roller Length: 51 cm
  • Environmental Conditions, operating: indoor use, pollution degree 2, 4° to 50° C
  • relative humidity 0-90% non-condensing
  • Environmental Conditions, non-operating: -10° to 60° C, relative humidity 95% maximum
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7630-82509 Bellco Sci/ERA 9 Deck Fixed Frame Cell Production Apparatus with Stand-by Drive & Alarm 45 Position
7630-82510 Bellco Sci/ERA 10 Deck Fixed Frame Cell Production Apparatus with Stand-by Drive & Alarm 50 Position
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