The new Christ bench-top freeze dryer range comes with an innovative touch screen controller and full colour display and graphics. Two condenser temperatures are available -55oC for drying aqueous samples and -85oC for drying solvent based samples and those with low eutectic points.

As a modular system the range can be configured to provide optimum conditions for your application with the flexibility to change the configuration for different samples. In addition to all of the standard laboratory freeze dryer accessories for drying in flasks, vials and trays the new range is available with the new Lyocube. The Lyocube enables drying on wireless heated shelves with the benefit of front loading replicating pilot freeze drying.

The freeze dryers can be fully automated complete with programs and process optimisation. The laboratory freeze dryer range comes in a range of sizes from 2kg to 24kg. SciQuip has fully trained application specialists able to assist with both freeze drying equipment and applications.