The brand new Sigma 1-16 centrifuge is the replacement for the popular Sigma 1-15 microfuge and also comes in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated form. The new 1-16 centrifuge has a higher max RCF 20,627 whilst using less power (now 200W from 240W for the non-refrigerated). Greater programmability allows the user to specify acceleration/deceleration to best serve material being separated whilst a ‘last-run’ memory function allows quick and simple batch processing.

Much like the Sigma 1-15 centrifuge, the new Sigma 1-16 microfuge is small in size, a perfect solution for any laboratory where bench space is at a premium, yet offers a rotational centrifugal force (RCF) seldom found in compact centrifuges.

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Sigma CentrifugesSpecifically aimed at batch processing of up to 24 reaction vials, there are adaptors available for all common sizes from 0.2ml up to a maximum of 2.2ml. This rotor comes with the microfuge as standard, but a separate rotor is also available that is designed for spinning 4 rows of 8 PCR (0.2ml) strips. Both rotors come with a hermetically sealed lid. A microhematocrit rotor is also available upon request.

Synonymous with quality and renowned for accuracy and reliability, Sigma’s full range of centrifuges can be found on our Centrifuge page, or go directly to the SIGMA 1-16 or SIGMA 1-16K (refrigerated) page.