Sigma’s latest solution for integration of centrifugation processes into laboratory automation systems, the innovative Sigma 4-5KRL, is available as In-vitro-Diagnostics (IVD) product according to directive 98/79/EG now.

Both of the initially available versions, Sigma 4-5KRL with the patented bucket leveling technology, which ensures highly precise horizontally and vertically positioning of each bucket for loading and unloading, and Sigma 4-5KRL without bucket leveling, have been registered.

The IVD products are available as Sigma 4-5KRL IVD with bucket leveling item no. 100008 and Sigma 4-5KRL IVD without bucket leveling item no. 100009.

For more information please see the below link or buy centriguges :

Sigma_4-5KRL_EN.pdf (