To reinforce how important sustainability is to our company, industry and the environment, the month of June is SciQuip’s latest Eco Month.

Whilst our ethos always centres around recognising our responsibility to the environment and economy, over the next 30 days we hope to shed a light on everything we are currently doing to work towards a greener future.

To kick off our Eco Month, we are delighted to introduce one of our sustainable manufacturers and partners, KERN.


Founded in 1844 by Mechanikus Gottlieb, KERN has over 177 years of experience manufacturing quality and precise weighing techniques. These include industrial and laboratory balances and scales, test weights, DakkS calibrations and microscopes.

Located in Southern Germany, KERN is a family-owned business with a strong commitment to reliability and precision and, prides themselves on their traditional values of continuity and continuous growth.

Their extensive experience in the industry means they continue to manufacture a comprehensive range of products and have been supplying some of their products to the same companies for over 100 years.


As well as manufacturing high quality industry and laboratory products, just like the team here at SciQuip, KERN are extremely passionate about sustainability and maintaining an ecological balance within their company.

Owed to their outstanding reputation and efficient service, KERN continues to have a close relationship with their local community and supplies their products to local businesses. However, this has also gained them global recognition meaning their products are distributed all around the world. 

In order to deliver on their sustainability promise, KERN now re-use all of their packaging and pallets which are returned once deliveries have been made. They have also committed to using less plastic packaging as well as working towards using a completely paperless administration due to a new IT system; meaning they can carry out all of their sales and admin duties electronically.  

Also, in 2021 a new energy efficient company building was developed at their headquarters. The new building is used for KERN employees and includes a heat pump and charging points for electric cars. 

KERN are also extremely proud of their Quality Management System and are ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited. 

“It is a high priority for the KERN team to continue to look for ways to ensure we are being as sustainable as possible. We have already made strides towards this with our new energy efficient building, less packaging and lower power consumption and we look forward to investing in this more in the near future.”

Maren Möwert, KERN Area Sales Manager


As well as their balances and scales, KERN also supply a wide range of optimal instruments and microscopes. From transmitted light, metallurgical, stereo to digital microscopes, all of their range are mercury free and use LEDs.

  • The KERN OBS series is a range of robust and simple school microscopes, which are easy to handle due to their clearly arranged control elements.
  • The OBN 132 is an excellent and stable laboratory microscope for all common routine applications for impressive images.
  • The OZL 445 model is flexible, robust and easy to use stereo microscopes with zoom function.



To date, SciQuip have been working closely with and supplying KERN products for the last seven years.

Just like KERN, SciQuip are dedicated to helping further the advances in scientific and clinical research as well as acknowledging our responsibility to the environment and future generations and therefore are proud to work with a company who share the same values and standards.

To find out more about KERN, visit their website. Or, to discuss any of their products further, get in touch with our technical team.

Happy Eco Month!