To coincide with SciQuip’s Eco Month this February, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our partners who, like us, sustainability is at the forefront of their business ethos.

Introducing Sigma (Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH)

Founded in 1975 by Martin Christ Sr, Sigma is a worldwide manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges. Offering a wide range of laboratory equipment including centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors and accessories, their products have gained worldwide recognition for their performance, quality, reliability and safety.

Located in Osterode am Harz, Germany and, as a family-owned business, they pride themselves on flat organisational structures, sustainable business operations and close networking with international representatives; of which SciQuip are extremely proud to be their UK supplier.

The same as SciQuips, Sigma’s sustainable values stem to their very location. Surrounded by natural green, which accounts for approximately 40% of their total area, they have invested in covered bicycle parking areas so that employees can choose to bike to work instead. Also, in 2008, they purposely built a new logistics centre with a roof that is completely covered by a 55kW photovoltaic system which feeds back into the power grid.

“Sigma had a look onto sustainability and we are trying to improve and further focus on the important topic energy consumption.” Dr. Nadine Tiller


Manufacturing products which are seamless for a wide range of application areas including pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, medical and environmental analytics, petroleum analyses and more, their portfolio consists of 25 different types of Centrifuges which can be complimented by their extensive range of rotors and accessories.

From Benchtop microfuges to large floor standing blood bag centrifuges with standard or refrigerated models, all units have the function to specify acceleration and deceleration curves, with high speed models able to achieve speeds up to 30,000Rpm.


Recognising our responsibility to the environment and future generations, SciQuip are 100% committed to improving the sustainability of all areas of our business and we are extremely proud to be the most environmentally sustainable business within the UK laboratory equipment sector.

Striving to help further the advances in scientific and clinical research, we are proud to work with partners such as Sigma, to help us on our journey to deliver this.

SciQuip Business Development Manager Emma Moore says:

“Sustainability has and will always be at the core of SciQuips philosophy and therefore it is imperative to us that we work alongside partners who share the same values. Not only are Sigma the leading global manufacturer of Centrifuges and only produce the highest quality laboratory products, but their vision on sustainability is synonymous to ours here at SciQuip.”

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To find out more about Sigma, their products and their vision on sustainability, visit their website or get in touch with our technical team to discuss your product and application requirements. Call 0808 599 1198 or email