SciQuip’s Senior Technical Support Dan Roberts, has recently visited our Sigma centrifuge factory in Germany for the announcement of some new and exciting products which are now available.

New Highly Chemical Resistant Centrifuge Rotors

High chemical resistance and long durability of aluminium accessories are essential components for safe working of a centrifuge. Sigma has launched a new stronger and more resistant coating for their centrifuge accessories which help protect the aluminium buckets and rotors. The new coating will help protect against corrosion when you are working with more aggressive chemicals. You will pleased to know that the new coating even works against caustic soda and hydrochloric acids, the new Sigma “Cleanroom” accessory range is really that good!

The aluminium accessories, you use with your Sigma centrifuges, have a coating for high durability and the surface coatings are also FDA certified.

Keeping Your Cleanroom Clean

The Sigma “Cleanroom” surface coating is particularly designed for clean rooms. Because of the coating’s high resistance you will not suffer from interfering particles deposited during the routine abrasion during centrifugation. The resilience of the new coating from Sigma stops particle wear debris thus eliminating contamination of the product.

New Centrifuge Controllers

Spincontrol L, is a new level of convenience for centrifuge users who use Sigma centrifuges. Control the centrifuge from the display screen and single knob controller in the middle of the display.

Spincontrol S, this professional controller has recently been updated with brand new functions and an improved energy efficient back-light display which helps to make the screen on your centrifuge clearer and easier to use. The biggest update on this controller is the microprocessor controlled built-in quality management system.

Sigma 1-16 & 1-6K Centrifuge

Sigma have released a brand new generation of microfuges which are designed to help streamline your day to day tasks, saving you time doing routine procedures. The new Sigma 1-16 & 1-6K Centrifuge has several built in programming options.

Biosafe Rotors

The range of Sigma Biosafe rotors has also been further enhanced, all of the new series of rotors come with a Biosafe certificate, which meets the current Biosafe standard (EN 61010-2-020). Using a Bayonet locking system the new rotors are locked using a simple turn and click process to offer perfect sealing.

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