We are proud to launch a new high spec magnetic hotplate stirrer that, thanks to its advanced technology, is unrivalled in the marketplace at such a good price. No other magnetic hotplate stirrer in this price bracket offers a sample temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C, only possible due to the external PT1000 probe supplied as standard, rapid heating and high chemical resistance from the ceramic top plate along with a fully digital motor and control system.

With the majority of laboratory applications only requiring moderate stirring speeds and heating, this unit provides 1,500rpm and 280°C respectively. This combined with the clear LED display of the stirrer hotplate keeps the casing small despite the large 5” diameter working plate. Ideal for labs where space is a premium!

Another important safety feature taken from our premium range of hotplate stirrers is the ‘HOT’ indicator, warning users not to touch the work plate. This illuminates when the internal safety probe passes 50°C and remains on until cool, even when the unit has been turned off!

There is a range of optional accessories including thermoblocks covering a range of vials, bottles and round flasks plus a stand for the PT1000 probe.