New Centrifuge G-Lock System from Sigma

As a stockist of Sigma centrifuges and rotors, we are excited about the release of their new rotor system. Called g-lock, it means you can change your centrifuge rotor without the need for tools or even a button press.

Simple and Easy Rotor Exchange

It’s all too easy to have your hands full in a laboratory, without having to find the correct tools to change the rotor in your centrifuge. That’s why Sigma have created their new g-lock system. It was designed with these key features in mind:

  • • Auto-locking by centrifugal force
  • • No need for tools or buttons to change the rotor
  • • Ideal if you often use more than one rotor
  • • Programmed rotor sensor ensures safety
  • • Easier access for cleaning

With its efficiency, safety and hygiene features, this exciting innovation makes the separation of numerous components of a liquid even easier! G-lock centrifuges save time and effort.

Sigma is a family-run business whose centrifuges are used all over the world. What they don’t know about centrifuges isn’t worth knowing.

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Please click the link below to view the video.

Sigma G-Lock Video