Lab work is very energy intensive, the amount of equipment constantly running, the volume of single use plastics that cannot always be recycled due to hazardous chemicals or waste. Water constantly running.

Laboratory managers are showing increasing interest in sustainable solutions but there are a few simple things that can be done to make a difference.


- Switch off equipment, lights and appliance when not in use

- Check your freezers: Keep them efficient by checking seals and defrost regularly

- Close the fume hood: The food hood is one of the most energy consuming items in the lab, by simply closing it will make a huge impact. Add alarms as a reminder

- Stop plastic waste, try to eliminate the single-use plastics and instead use a glass or recyclable options

- Use autoclavable glassware where possible

- Recycle, reuse, reduce packaging and shipping

- Consolidate what you’re buying from different suppliers into one, or consolidate the number of times you place an order from a particular supplier.

- Turn off taps: A tap that leaks drips per day wastes 21 litres

- Buy from sustainable suppliers!BACK