Dr David MacIntyre is a Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Systems Medicine. His research group is focused primarily on understanding how bacteria in the reproductive tract- also known as the vaginal microbiome- are involved in poor pregnancy outcomes such as preterm birth and miscarriage. His team approaches this using both classical biochemistry methods as well as a “systems” approach where data acquired from genomic, transcriptomic and metabolic profiling platforms are integrated and modelled to investigate the interaction between microbiota and the maternal host. It is hoped that will lead to improved diagnostic and predictive tools that will assist in patient stratification and ultimately, improved pregnancy outcomes.

The kind donation from SciQuip LTD has provided our group with new core laboratory equipment (e.g. vortexes, centrifuges, pipettes, water baths) that will enable us to keep producing high quality research. A donation of this kind is very useful and highly appreciated as access to funding for essential research equipment is almost non-existent. As can be seen below, SciQuip’s donations have already been put to good use!

Left to right Fabienne Hanton, Richard Brown & David MacIntyre

Members of the MacIntyre lab using equipment recently donated by SciQuip. Left to right; Fabienne Hanton, Richard Brown and David MacIntyreBACK