: As laboratories strive for efficient and reliable sample storage, the acquisition of the CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezer range offers an exciting new solution. These freezers combine innovative technology and design to provide exceptional temperature uniformity, sample integrity, and user safety.

In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers, highlighting their advanced capabilities and the advantages of nitrogen-based sample preservation.

Cutting-Edge Jacketed Technology

The CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers feature jacketed technology, creating a dry storage environment by containing LN2 between the inner chamber and the middle wall of the freezer. This unique design ensures that the storage area remains dry, minimizing the risk of sample cross-contamination unlike traditional designs.

The LN2 layer surrounds the entire sample storage area, from top to bottom, guaranteeing uniform temperatures throughout the freezer. This exceptional temperature uniformity, with a variation of less than 6°C from the top to the bottom of the chamber, ensures that your samples are preserved at optimal conditions. The jacketed design also improves the available space for samples as there is no LN2 present at the bottom of the vessel.

Preserving Sample Integrity

With the patented jacket technology, CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers provide superior sample integrity. By preventing LN2 from leaking into samples due to shrinking vials from direct contact, these freezers eliminate user and sample contact with liquid nitrogen, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable samples.

The reduced exposure to ambient temperatures when the lid is opened further enhances sample stability, allowing for reliable and reproducible experimental results.

Optimized Storage Space and Easy Access

The CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers offer increased storage space by eliminating LN2 at the bottom of the freezer. This efficient design allows you to maximize your storage capacity, accommodating a larger number of samples.

Additionally, the full-opening lid provides easy access to samples, simplifying retrieval and organization within the freezer. The caster-mounted and counter-balanced lockable lid ensures smooth operation and secure storage.

Enhanced User Safety

The advanced design of CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers prioritizes user safety. By eliminating user contact with LN2 and providing a completely dry storage area, these freezers minimize the risks associated with traditional liquid nitrogen storage methods such as splash backs or contact when removing samples from the freezer.

The enhanced safety measures protect both laboratory personnel and valuable samples, ensuring peace of mind during daily operations.

Intelligent Programmable Controller

Equipped with a programmable controller, CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers offer advanced functionality for precise temperature control and monitoring. The dual temperature display allows for easy monitoring of storage conditions, while the autofill and alarm features ensure proper LN2 level maintenance.

Fill timers and downloadable reports enable convenient data tracking and documentation, streamlining laboratory workflows and ensuring regulatory compliance.


The acquisition of the CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezer range signifies a new era in sample storage technology. With their cutting-edge jacketed technology, these freezers offer exceptional temperature uniformity, sample integrity, and user safety.

By eliminating LN2 contact with samples and providing a dry storage environment, CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezers ensure optimal preservation and reliable storage of valuable samples.

Experience increased storage space, easy sample access, and advanced programmable control with these innovative freezers. Elevate your sample storage capabilities with the CBS Liquid Nitrogen Freezer range and safeguard your scientific progress with confidence.