Multi-purpose Fridge/Freezer Sensor (Qwantum Sensor)

Introducing the Koolzone sensor, the ideal solution for monitoring the temperature of your fridge or freezer. With a temp range of -40˚C to +60˚C and a wireless range of approx. 20km this system is ideal for all sectors, including Universities/research, hospitals, healthcare/pharma /Chilled transport and many more.

The unit is easy to use, simply switch on and it connects automatically and starts reading giving you immediate result.

  • Monitoring Temperatures -40˚C to +60˚C (extended on request)
  • Guaranteed 3 year battery life at 10 minute sampling, even at freezer temp
  • "Real-time” and “Event-driven” transmission of data
  • Data logging, with auto retrieval
  • Waterproof - IP 65
  • Automatic adjustment of transmission power for changing environments
  • External Probe & Sensor options - for extended monitoring, including: Door Sensor, Gas Concentration, Temperature extremes of -200˚C to +600˚C, Food-safe enclosures
Technical Specification



Semtech SX1276


 Internal TAG memory


32-bit ARM Processor

Sensors - Internal

Temperature Accuracy


Temperature Range

-40˚ to +60˚C

Sensors –External Probe


See individual Sensor Probe options

Temperature Range

-200˚ to +1200˚C

Other Sensors Ranges

See individual Sensor options



LoRa 863 – 870 MHz (EU)


NFC – 13.56 MHz

Battery- replaceable

1 x AA

Battery life

3 years min-   4-12 yrs approx.



Sending Sample


Start up/Join

Physical Sensors - Internal

Dimensions (H x W x D

72 x 72 x 29 mm


Operating temp

40˚ to +70˚C

Storage Temperature

-40˚ to +80˚C



CE & RED (FCC in test_)

KoolZone is available on iPad, tablet, laptop, and iOS or Android phone. The sensor can be used in correlation with LoRa IoT  including KoolZone’s sophisticated Monitoring Solution providing Real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting of unlimited data types within all industry sectors.

UKAS Calibration

Options include single & multi-point Calibration, full UKAS or UKAS Traceable. Calibrations can be carried out before dispatch or on site.  POA and on request only.



1.  Select # and types of Sensors

2.  Select # of Gateways  ~ maximum needed is 1 per avg room; 1 per 2+ rooms if together

  Select # of SIM Cards if Cellular Connection preferred for Gateway, 1 per Gateway

3.  Select Cloud Monitoring Service, ~ one per Sensor, unlimited users

4  Select Installation and/or Calibration services as required

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