The LUNA II from Logos Biosystems is an affordable but accurate brightfield automated cell counter. Winner of a SelectScience Diamond Seal of Quality in 2022.


·       Choose between low cost disposable slides, or use the optional LUNA reusable slide to further reduce ongoing costs, as well as save on plastic waste

·       A large counting volume of 0.5 microlitres (equivalent to 5 large haemocytometer squares) provides count and viability data that you can rely upon

·       Stain with trypan blue or erythrosine B for count and viability information, or choose to count unstained cells for total cell number only

·       Compact (16 x 18 cm) footprint fits into even the most crowded tissue culture labs

·       Maintenance free liquid lens autofocus system ensures that cells are in focus before counting

·       Intuitive colour touchscreen interface with no need for special training

·       Save, edit and optimise protocols for different users or cell types

·       Histogram with cell size gating and cluster map, provide a clearer picture of your cell population

·       Sophisticated declustering algorithms provide accurate counts for even clumpy cell types

·       Export via a USB flash drive, count, image or report data for offline viewing or sharing

Technical Specification


Instrument Control – Built-in colour touchscreen


Cell Size Range – 3-60 µM, (8-30 µM Optimal)


Cell Concentration Range – 5 x 10^4 – 1 x 10^7 cells per ml


Counting Time – < 10 seconds (manual focus) or < 15 seconds (autofocus)


Dimensions (W × D × H) – 16 × 18 × 28 cm (6.3 × 7 × 11 in.)


Weight – 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs.) without power cord and AC adaptor


Connectivity – Three USB-A ports


Data Export Formats – CSV, TIFF and PDF

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L40002 LUNA II Automated Brightfield Cell Counter
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