Local Community


Local Community
SciQuip endeavors to employ people from the local community thereby supporting the communities where

Local Community

SciQuip Donates to Local Charity to Help Restore & Maintain Community Green Space

SciQuip is proud to announce its recent donation to the Newtown Community and Recreation Association (NCRA), a local charity dedicated to maintaining and fundraising for the community play park and green space adjacent to SciQuip's head office.

The NCRA is currently working to reinstate a community garden, green space, and wildlife area that were lost during the construction of a nearby car park. As SciQuip's nearest neighbour, and with a shared commitment to sustainability, SciQuip was eager to lend its support.

PPE Donation To Home Instead

A recent donation of PPE to a wonderful local company that provide home assistance in Shrewsbury, Ludlow & Oswestry - Home Instead.

They were delighted to receive boxes of our disposable medical type IIR masks.


SciQuip endeavors to employ people from the local community thereby supporting the communities where we are based. This also reduces the distance our staff have to travel to work and makes participation in our cycle to work scheme easier for our employees.

The company has close links with the local village school providing financial support. We also allow classes to visit our site to encourage pupils to take a keener interest in Science and the environment.

We also support numerous local charities including the Severn Hospice and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.



We frequently carry out ‘SciQuip litter pick’ days in an effort to keep our local area clean.

Litter isn't just unsightly for people – it is dangerous for animals, including domestic pets as well as wildlife. Whilst we have created a wildlife friendly environment on site, we want to ensure that our local community is a wildlife friendly area.

We are also proud to announce we will be taking part in ‘The Great British Spring Clean 2021’


SciQuip Staff Litter Picking


In 2015 we found out that they were desperate for additional space for creative learning and pre/post-school activities and the team at SciQuip couldn’t wait to help in any way they could!

Unfortunately, the school didn’t have the funds for such an ambitious project so the PTA decided to try to fund the project for the school. They then approached our Managing Director Matt Brooksbank who agreed to run the project and assist in the fundraising.

In addition to financial donation from SciQuip, some of SciQuip’s staff (including Matt) joined the school on the build itself!



school classroom build


In 2020, the school were also struggling to raise the funds to repair the Zipwire, but with our financial contribution the Zipwire is now in full working order just in time for the Spring!


school zipwire


We annually plant native broad leaf trees, sow new seeds in our wild flower meadows & errect bird boxes on our site with the added benefit these have to the local environment. 


wild flowers     owl box


Some members of the SciQuip team also worked together to plant native hedgerows on site. The hedges provide benefits for us and the wildlife that live on site. They have the natural ability to capture pollution, reduce noise, mitigate flooding and provide food and shelter to wildlife.

hedges 1  hedges 2   hedges 3