LAUDA Microcool Circulation Chillers

LAUDA Microcool - Circulation chillers for reliable continuous operation in laboratory and research applications from −10 to 40 °C

Compact circulation chillers with outstanding price-performance ratio

The LAUDA Microcool line of user-friendly circulation chillers consists of four compact models with large LED display and membrane keypad, offering cooling capacities of 0.25 to 1.2 kW. The highlight of these devices is the premium quality centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling – unique to this price category: Magnetic coupling of pump and electric motor prevents any kind of seal issue from arising on the pump shaft, eliminating the chance for any fluid to leak.

Important functions:

  • Auto-start timer and auto shutdown function
  • Filling opening at the top, drain connection at the rear
  • Cooling capacity adapted via solenoid valve control, including automatic compressor control

The compact circulation chiller MC 250 and MC 350 fit effortlessly on a lab bench. Somewhat larger models are also available having 600 and 1200 watts of cooling capacity and which can be positioned on the floor under a lab bench to save space.

Technical Specification
Product Code L001051 L001052 L001053 L001054
Model  MC 250 MC 350 MC 600 MC 1200
Working Temperature (Min.) -10°C
Working Temperature (Max.) 40°C
Ambient Temperature (Min.) 5°C
Ambient Temperature (Max.) 40°C
Temperature Stability 0.5±K
Filling Volume (Min.) 2 L 4 L 4 L 7 L
Filling Volume (Max.) 4 L 7 L 8 L 14 L
Cooling output at 20°C Measured with Ethanol 0.25 kW 0.35 kW 0.60 kW 1.20 kW
Cooling output at 10°C Measured with Ethanol 0.2 kW 0.27 kW 0.50 kW 1.05 kW
Cooling output at 0°C Measured with Ethanol 0.15 kW 0.20 kW 0.36 kW 0.75 kW
Cooling output at -10°C Measured with Ethanol 0.09 kW 0.12 kW 0.15 kW 0.40 kW
Power Consumption 0.23 kW 0.7 kW 0.7 kW 1.15 kW
Interface(s) RS-232
Noise Level 60dB(A) 57dB(A) 59dB(A)
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Pump Pressure max. 0.35 bar 1.3 bar
Pump Flow max. (Pressure) 16 L/min 35 L/min
Pump Connection Thread 1/2" (Ø10) G 3/4" (Ø15)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 200 x 350 x 465mm 240 x 400 x 500mm 350 x 480 x 595mm 450 x 550 x 650mm
Weight 26kg 35kg 51kg 64kg
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Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
L001051 LAUDA Microcool MC 250 - Circulation chiller 230 V; 50 Hz POA POA ENQUIRE
L001052 LAUDA Microcool MC 350 - Circulation chiller 230 V; 50 Hz POA POA ENQUIRE
L001053 LAUDA Microcool MC 600 - Circulation chille 230 V; 50 Hz POA POA ENQUIRE
L001054 LAUDA Microcool MC 1200 - Circulation chiller 230 V; 50 Hz POA POA ENQUIRE
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