MyGo Pro ESR qPCR Instrument

The MyGo Pro ESR real time PCR has full spectrum optics with 120 channels of fluorescence data from each tube. With simple to use software and sophisticated algorithms the Pro offers quick and accurate results across a wide range of disciplines.  Up to 3 times faster than regular PCR with multiple wells, this is a great choice for education, research and diagnostic sectors and can also be used for mobile testing too.

  • Compact and quick results in less than 40 minutes
  • Comes Pre calibrated for 20 different fluorescent labels
  • Capable of determining accurate quantities of template or relative expression levels of genes
  • Can perform genotype analysis using TaqMan probes
  • Heating rate of 5°C per second
  • Excellent speed and precision with 45 cycles of PCR completed in 33 minutes
  • LED colour changing for status updates
  • Minimal moving parts for longevity of the unit
  • Supplied in a heavy-duty flight case
  • MyGo kits & reagents available on request
Technical Specification



MyGo Pro ESR

Number of Wells



0.1ml tubes, 8 well Strips

Reaction Volume

10 - 100µl

Run time

< 40 minutes


Number of channels

5 (Multiplex)

Fluorescence Excitation

610 nm and 450nm (Re/Blue LED)

Fluorescence Detection

510 to 750 nm

Detector Type

CMOS array

Detection sensitivity

Single cope detection

Dynamic Range



1.1 fold discrimination

Temperature Control

Thermal System

Peltier, silver copper alloy block



Heating Speed

5°C/s heating

Cooling speed

4°C/s cooling

Thermal Uniformity

± 0.1°C

Thermal Accuracy

± 0.25°C

Factory calibrated dyes

SYBR Green I, ResoLight FAM,VIC, HEX, Cy5, ROX, Green, SYTO 9, Cy5.5. Instrument specific calibration for (FAM,HEX,ROX,CY5,CY5.5) NOTE; DOES NOT WORK WITH Texas RED

Mulitplex with Red Dyes


Supported Assay Formats

Taqman, Molecular Beacons, SimpleProbes, Intercalators, High resolution Melting



Desktop PC/Laptop


Free Windows/Mac OS X and Linux operating software

Progress Status

Colour alerts

Dimensions (wxdxh)

25 x 27 x 23 cm


7 Kg

Operating noise

<40 dB


100 - 240V AC ± 10%




170 W



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