KTD Chiller

For precision chilling within a self-contained unit, with full temperature control and display offering 480 Watt cooling capacity.

If you need full control of your set temperature with high and low temperature alarms this chiller is for you.


  • 480W cooling capacity (at 17°C set point)
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Versatile temperature control and alarm
  • Full control of temperature precision to +/-0.1°C
Technical Specification
Cooling capacity (setpoint 20°C, ambient 20°C) KTD/480W
Physical attributes
Physical dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 330x315x515
Weight (kg) 30
Noise level (dB(A)) 55
Toolless access No
Temperature control attributes
Technology  Vapour Compression
Temperature range (standard)  (+4°C to +35°C
Control method  Ambient tracking or PID
Temperature stability (with constant load)  ±0.2°C
Temperature resolution  0.1°C
Water circuit attributes
System volume (L) 1.5
 Pump type Pump capability  1) 2L/min Rotary vane (PD) 
2) 3L/min Rotary vane (PD) 
3) 6L/min Centrifugal 
Pressure control (settable pressure relief valve)  1) 6bar@2L/min 
2) 6bar@3L/min 
3) 1bar@1L/min, 0.33bar@4L/min 
Standard fittings  Internal *not on CF pump 
1/4” BSPPF w/ 1/4” BSPTM to 10mm barb
Standard chemical compatibility  Hexid Fluid, Water, Propylene
Electrical attributes
(230Vac, 1~, 50Hz) 0-spec Yes, 2.5A 
 (115Vac, 1~, 60Hz) 1-spec (Switchable 208Vac, 1~/2~, 60Hz | 220Vac, 1~/2~, 60Hz | Yes, 4.5A 
 230Vac, 1~, 50Hz) 6-spec (Switchable 115Vac, 1~, 60Hz | 220Vac, 1~/2~, 60Hz |  Yes
230Vac, 1~, 50Hz) 7-spec  Yes
(208-230Vac, 1~/2~, 50/60Hz) 9-spec  /
Overcurrent fault-cleared restart mode Manual
Safety and fault indicator
Empty fluid reservoir alarm  Visual and audible
Low fluid flow alarm  N/A 
Temperature out of range alarm  Visual and audible
Compressor HP switch Standard
 Motor thermal overload Standard
Emergency off  Standard, via MCB
Warranty options  2 year parts, 1 year labour
Enhanced warranty options
Interlock restored, restart mode  Automatic 
Overcurrent restart mode Manual
Options available
Low temperature pack; SA00002 Available, to -10°C 
 High temperature pack; SA00003  Available, to +65°C
Water cooled KT; SA00004 Available
 Non-return solenoid valve pack; SA00008  Available
High temperature water circuit w/o heater; SA00009 Available
 Low flow alarm (KT); SA00010 Available
 Onboard RS485 data protocol; SA00011  Available
Standard VFC set; SA00012  Available
In-line deionising cartridge and fittings; SA00013  Available
Castors to replace rubber feet; SA00015  Available
CPC quick release connectors; SA00016 Available
 Installation kit; SA00017  Available
Stainless steel pump and fittings; SA00018  Standard
KT filter kit; SA00019  Available
Particulate filter; SA00021  Available
Seismic mounts; SA00026 Available
 In-line UV decontamination; SA00027 Available
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