Jeio Tech OV-12, 65 Litre Vacuum Oven

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With a spacious 65-liter capacity and a temperature range of up to 250°C, the OV4 Series Vacuum Ovens are well-suited for a wide range of test applications. Whether you're involved in agricultural genetics, drying plant tissue, or drug metabolism studies, these vacuum ovens offer versatility and reliability.

Designed to effectively separate solvents from solutions or dry solvents with high boiling points, the OV4 Series Vacuum Ovens provide optimal construction for efficient and precise processes. By utilizing vacuum technology, these ovens create a controlled environment that promotes effective solvent removal and drying.

Regardless of the specific application, the OV4 Series Vacuum Ovens provide a reliable and efficient solution for your laboratory needs. Their advanced features and temperature control capabilities ensure accurate and consistent results.

• Temperature variation up to ±1.5℃ at 100℃ according to
DIN 12880:2007standards
• Outer surfaces remain safe to touch even whilst operating at
the highest temperature, preventing possible burns when viewing
samples via the inspection window
• 5inch color touch display for intuitive operation
• Wide temperature range that can be controlled up to 250℃
• 3-point temperature calibration improves temperature accuracy in the entire area.
• Monitor and control via mobile app anytime, anywhere via LC Connected. (mobile monitoring system) – Optional
• Polycarbonate safety cover provided to protect a user in case of tempered glass breakage

Technical Specification

Volume (L):  65

No. of Shelves:  3

Nozzle Size (mm):  Ø 10 (Vacuum and Vent)

Temperature (°C)

Range:  Amb. +5 to +250

Fluctuation at 100°C:  ±0.3

Variation at 100°C:  ±5.0

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

Internal:  402 x 405 x 402

External:  780 x 557 x 595

Weight (Kg):  103

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