Cryoscope Standards

Reagecon offers a range of high quality Cyroscope Standards which can be used to calibrate, control, verify or validate Cryoscopes. These products are manufactured for use on all Cryoscopes compliant to International Reference Standard ISO5764/IDF108 for the determination of freezing point in milk.  The range is completed by our Heat Transfer Fluid. 

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Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
HTF250 Reagecon Cryoscope Heat Transfer Fluid POA POA ENQUIRE
CRYBL Reagecon Cryoscope Bath Liquid POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR01025 Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 000 (0.000C) POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR02025 Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 422 (-0.408C) (422mH) 250ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR020X Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 422 (-0.408C) (422mH) 100ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR03025 Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 530 (-0.512C) (530mH) 250ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR030X Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 530 (-0.512C) (530mH) 100ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR03525 Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 577 (-0.557C) (577mH) 250ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR04025 Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 621 (-0.600C) (621mH) 250ml POA POA ENQUIRE
MTR040X Reagecon Cryoscope Standard 621 (-0.600C) (621mH) 100ml POA POA ENQUIRE
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