Cleaver MultiSUB Midi

Key Features

These units offer the same tray lengths as the MSMINI but in a wider format, to run more samples just as economically under similar running conditions. Ideal for quick checks of samples from PCR and cloning:

  • Available with 10 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm or with both gel trays
  • Run up to 100 samples
  • Low buffer volumes
  • Ideal for rapid electrophoresis

Product Description

With gel tray options of 10 x 7cm and 10 x 10cm, the MultiSUB Midi has been designed for routine horizontal gel electrophoresis. Extending only the width of this unit allows more samples to be resolved per gel than the MultiSUB Mini, without a significant increase in buffer or gel volumes.

A maximum of 100 samples per gel can be resolved, making this unit ideal for those routinely checking medium numbers of samples over short to medium gel run lengths. Loading guides allow easy well identification and sample loading. Scoops are also available as an option to allow safe transfer of gels.

Technical Specification
Gel dimensions (w x l) 10 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm
Unit dimensions (w x l x h) 12.5 x 22 x 9cm
Max. sample capacity 10 x 7cm tray - 50 samples, 10 x 10cm tray - 100 samples
Buffer volume 300ml


Combs available

No. of samples 1, 2, 4, 8, 10MC, 12, 16, 20MC, 25
Thicknesses 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm
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Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
MSMIDIDUO Cleaver Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 7cm & 10 x 10cm UV Tray, 2 x 16 sample, 1mm thick combs, casting dams, loading guides
MSMIDI7 Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 7cm UV Tray, 2 x 16 sample, 1mm thick combs, casting dams, loading guides
MSMIDI10 Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 10cm UV Tray, 2 x 16 sample, 1mm thick combs, casting dams, loading guides
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