Christ Lyocube 4-8 LSCplus Front Loading Freeze Dryer

NEW!!  LyoCube front loader in an acrylic glass version

The new LyoCube made of acrylic glass (PMMA) offers a large, effective area of up to 0.6 m2and particularly comfortable operation thanks to rectangular shelves and its front swing door. The LyoCube can be combined with an extensive range of accessories, such as unheated and heatable shelves, thermoblocks, product trays and sieves or racks for up to 90 microwell plates

Acrylic Lyocube

Base model includes
Compact table-top unit for effective lyophilisation of specimens with innovative Wireless Shelf Technology. The freeze dryer can be configured with tried and tested accessories to meet your specific needs. The simple and intuitive LSCplus controller supports manual and automatic process control for reproducible results.
Two different drying methods are available to handle virtually every task.  -55° C condenser temperature for drying aqueous specimens. -85° C for specimens containing solvents.




Technical Specification

Ice condenser capacity: 4.0 kg

Condenser temperatures: -55°C / -85°C

  • Condenser performance 4kg/24 hours
  • LyoCube with five heated shelves 256 x 300 mm
  • Front loader for ease of operation
  • 1-8 shelf options
  • LSCplus controller – colour touchscreen and graphic interface
  • WST – wireless heated shelf technology NEW
  • -55C for drying of aqueous products
  • -85C for drying solvents with low eutectic points
  • Display of vacuum, sample temperature, shelf temperature, ice condenser temp, run time
  • Data transfer via USB or Ethernet
  • Complete system includes vacuum pump
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