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The Aranet4 home is suitable for more than just the home, it is also ideal for the office, educational settings, meeting rooms, restaurants, the care sector, anywhere you need to monitor the quality of air in a public place to keep people comfortable and safe.


It is a battery-operated, freestanding, portable device that gives you a visual display of the air quality in the room. Using an NDIR sensor the unit measures the CO2 levels of the room, sample rates can be programmed to 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes with a default setting at 5 minutes. By downloading the Aranet4 app you can connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth to export the information as a CSV file so you can keep internal records if required. The data is stored for 14 days on the monitors internal memory.


·        Simple to use!

·        Measures CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure.

·        Uses precise NDIR sensor

·        Battery powered making this a completely portable, wireless unit.

·        Download recorded data via the free Aranet4 app via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

·        2 years warranty

·        Long battery life, up to 4 years.



Technical Specification



 2 x AA Batteries


 104 g

CO2 Range

0 - 9999 ppm

CO2 Accuracy

± 30 ppm ± 3 % of reading

CO2 Display Resolution


CO2 Sensing Method

Non-Dispersive Infra-red (NDIR)

CO2 Typical Sensor Life

10 Year

Temp Range

0 - 50 °C

Temp Accuracy

±0.3 °C

Temp Display Resolution


RH Range

0 - 85 %

RH Accuracy

±2% @ 20 - 80%

RH Display Resolution


Sampling Method


Operating Conditions

Temp 0 - 50°C


Humidity 0 - 85%

Radio parameters7

Line of sight range 1.9mi

Bluetooth Parameters

Line of sight range 10 m

Transmitter power

14 dBm

Data transmitter interval

1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes






 70 x 70 x 24 mm

NB! Aranet4 is not impact resistant. Do not leave the device in the direct sunlight.




1 CO2 sensor of the device is calibrated at standard atmospheric pressure. If the device has to be used at high altitude, manual calibration of

the unit should be performed. It is not intended to use the device higher than 4000 m (13 000 ft) above the sea level.

2 The device measures absolute pressure, i.e., the readings are not compensated for an elevation above the sea level.

3 95 % of the sensors measure within these typical limits in equilibrium state at the time of sale. For evaluation of the total measurement

error long-term drift has to be taken into account.

 4 CO2 measurement accuracy is provided for a range 0 … 5000 ppm, temperature 15 … 35 °C (59 … 95 °F) and relative humidity 0 … 80 %.

Accuracy above 5000 ppm is 10 % of reading, but not guaranteed since it is extrapolated form the calibrated range.

5 If a drift of the CO2 measurements occurs, calibration option of the device should be used.

 6 Time constant is determined at 1 m/s airflow.

7 Available only for the PRO version of the product.

 8 Weight with alkaline Fujitsu Premium LR6G07 AA batteries.

9 Fujitsu Premium LR6G07 AA batteries used for tests and calculations.

 10 Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 AA batteries used for tests and calculations.

11 With the Bluetooth connection disabled. Battery lifetime data has been obtained by mathematical extrapolation and is provided for descriptive purposes only and is not intended to make or imply any guarantee or warranty.




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